Brandon Scott appeared ​on My 600-Lb. Life in season 7. In the 2019 episode, Brandon weighed over 700 pounds and traveled from Columbus, Ohio, to Houston, Texas, to see if Dr. Nowzardan could help him with his weight.

Where Is Brandon Scott From ‘My 600-Lb. Life’ Today?

Fans saw that Brandon was passionate about his music career, but it seemed as though his weight was holding him back. However, after the tremendous amount of weight he lost, he finally received an opportunity in Nashville, Tennessee. He and his fiancée, Taylor, moved there so he could pursue his passion. Since then, he’s spent his time writing and singing Christian music.

While Brandon hasn’t given an update regarding his specific weight in 2024, he did make a TikTok video in June 2023 and told ​the story behind his weight loss.

“It was really rough,” Brandon said in response to fans asking how he managed to lose so much weight. “It was really difficult for me to make the decision to be on [My 600-Lb. Life] to begin with. It’s very vulnerable and you allow the world to let the world in and see you at your lowest point. After I got over that hurdle, I realized that I needed to be in constant prayer in order to get through this.”

What Happened to Brandon Scott on ‘My 600-Lb. Life’?

Fans of the TLC show saw Brandon struggling with his weight while living with Taylor. During his appearance, Brandon said he felt like he was “trapped in his own body,” and he had reached a point where she was going to have to start bathing him and helping him “clean” his body.

Where Is Brandon Scott Today? My 600-Lb. Life Star Now
Brandon Scott/Instagram

Brandon struggled on the trip from Columbus to Houston and admitted that he felt like everyone was staring at him due to his size. However, when he met Dr. Nowzardan, he confessed he was willing to do whatever it took to lose weight. Dr. Nowzardan put Brandon on a high protein, low carb diet that was limited to 1,200 calories a day, and created a goal for him to lose 120 pounds.

How Much Weight Did Brandon Scott Lose on ‘My 600-Lb. Life’?

Brandon went above and beyond, and with help from Taylor, he lost over 140 pounds before his next visit, which allowed Dr. Nowzardan to give him the greenlight for weight loss surgery. Over the course of almost two years, Brandon lost over 450 pounds.

In a June 2024 Instagram post, Brandon confirmed that he lost “about 500 lbs.” total.

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