Sometimes accidents happen, and the Duggars know that more than anyone. That doesn’t stop fans from being curious, though, which is why one of Jill Duggar‘s followers couldn’t help but ask what happened to her son Israel’s teeth. On Tuesday, September 10, the family went on an outing to their local library, and the mom of two posted pictures of her sons hanging out in the play area. In the photo of Israel, his smile shows his two front teeth clearly — and one eagle-eyed fan had questions.

“Oh my god, what happened to Israel’s teeth?” they wanted to know. Other commenters weighed in, with one adding, “Right? The Duggar children all have braces, so it’s probably just bad genes. … The two front teeth look pretty decayed though.” For some perspective, another commented, “We have bad genes in our family, so even with dental visits at early ages a lot of work needs done by age 5 or 6. Dentist said it’s genetic.” Finally, Jill, 28, put the matter to rest. “[Our] dentist said it’s most likely from [an] injury … falling or something,” she revealed.

Jill Duggar Reveals What Happened to Israel's Teeth
Courtesy of Jill Duggar/Instagram

We’re glad to hear that the family made sure to visit their dentist and find out that everything was A-OK. Fans were, too, and they shared their own stories of their kids’ accidental falls. “My son’s two front teeth turned black and grey after he had a fall right on them,” one fan volunteered. “The dentist checked, did X-rays and said his [teeth] are absolutely fine until they fall out.” A second wrote back, “Same thing happened to my oldest son – he fell on [a] toy.” And just in case Jill was still worried, a third added, “That happen to my son due to a fall. He’s 15 now, and his teeth [are] perfect.”

Thankfully, Israel’s growing up in a family that puts a strong emphasis on caring for their teeth. One of the Counting On crew’s main financial priorities is setting aside money for dental visits, and dad Derick Dillard got braces as an adult to address some dental issues. He got them off in June 2019, showing off his new pearly white with a selfie on Instagram. He may still have midline issues, but he’s not sweating it. After all, it’s more important to have healthy teeth than teeth that are perfectly straight or centered.

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