Did Jim Bob Duggar kick his daughter-in-law Anna Duggar out of her home on the Duggar family’s compound? Reports claim that Jim Bob got into an “argument” with Josh Duggar‘s wife which led to her leaving a warehouse that she had been living in with her seven children while her husband, Josh, serves 10 years in prison on child porn charges. Keep scrolling below to find out if Anna got kicked out, why she and Jim Bob got into an argument, where Anna lives now and more.

Did Jim Bob Duggar Kick Anna Duggar Out of His Home?

Anna, who married Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s son Josh in 2008, has been living in a warehouse on her in-laws’ compound in Arkansas with her seven children Mackynzie, Maryella, Marcus, Mason, Michael, Meredith and Madyson.

However, it’s rumored that Anna is no longer living on the property. On Thursday, June 29, a source told The Sun that Jim Bob forced her to move after they allegedly got into a heated fight in April.

“Jim Bob made Anna move out of the warehouse on his property a month and a half ago,” the insider claimed. “They got into an argument.”

While it is unclear what the argument was about, The Sun reported that there’s been between them since Josh’s hearing in May 2022.

“Jim Bob walked to Anna’s row to sit down when he entered the courtroom. Anna and her family just stared at Jim Bob while he waited for her family to make room for him,” a reporter in the courtroom said at the time. “Her family members eventually moved down so he could sit, but Jim Bob and Anna did not greet each other or interact.”

Despite the speculation, neither Anna nor her in-laws have confirmed her living situation or if a fight led to her alleged move.

Reps for Jim Bob and Anna did not immediately respond to In Touch‘s request for comment.

Where Does Anna Duggar Live Now?

It’s not currently clear where Anna and her children are living, though a source told the outlet that the family has been in Texas visiting Josh as he serves time at the Federal Correctional Facility (FCI) Seagoville.

Why Is Josh Duggar In Prison?

The former 19 Kids and Counting star was arrested and taken into police custody in April 2021. Josh was charged with one count of possessing and one count of receiving child pornography.

After he pleaded not guilty, the disgraced TV personality was convicted of both counts in December 2021. However, the possession conviction was later dismissed.

In May 2022, Josh was sentenced to serve 12.5-years prison. In Touch exclusively confirmed in July 2022 that his release date was changed to August 12, 2032, meaning that he will now serve 10 years in prison.

Did Jim Bob Duggar Kick Josh's Wife Anna Out of the Family Compound? Inside Their 'Argument'
Courtesy of Anna Duggar/Instagram

Where Does Anna Duggar Stand With the Duggars?

It appears that Anna’s relationship with the Duggars has changed following his arrest.

“The Duggar family fully supports Anna, but it’s complicated. There are a lot of hurt feelings over what Josh did,” an insider exclusively told In Touch in October 2022. “She still attends family functions because her kids love their cousins, aunts and uncles, but it’s not the same for Anna.”

An additional source exclusively told In Touch in November 2022 that there had been a “family divide since Josh was convicted.”

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