Tori Spelling grew up in one of Hollywood’ wealthiest families and managed to carve out a career of her own in acting and reality TV. Her net worth, however, is quite surprising as she’s battled financial woes over the years after admitting she’s bad with managing money.

What is Tori Spelling’s Net Worth?

Tori is worth approximately $250,000 as of 2023, according to Celebrity Net Worth. That’s down from $1.5 million in 2022.

What Does Tori Spelling Do for a Living?

Tori and her Beverly Hills, 90210 costar Jennie Garth host a podcast called “90210MG,” where the pals break down each episode of the beloved Fox series and share anecdotes, behind the scenes details and do occasional guest interviews. The ladies made the announcement on October 3, 2020, timed with the 30th anniversary of the show’s premiere, and the podcast debuted the following month on November 9.

Since the series regularly had more than 30 episodes per season over its 10 years, Tori and Jennie reached the start of season 5 of analyzing the show on July 31, 2023.

Tori and Jennie got a big business boost in September 2023, when it was announced the pair would be selling a housewares collection via QVC.

“BFFs Jennie Garth and Tori Spelling are busy moms who want to take the guesswork out of home entertaining,” their QVC items homepage read.

“The BFF Collection puts the spotlight on everyday functional designs. Look to their storage ottomans, dinnerware, baking essentials and more to bring feminine, California-chic style to your favorite spaces,” it continued, while showing photos of the goods and their prices, as well as a line of holiday decor.

In addition to her podcasting and home design gig, Tori has been busy as a full-time mom to the five children she shares with estranged husband Dean McDermott: Liam, Stella, Hattie, Finn and Beau. Dean shared in a June 17, 2023, Instagram announcement that the pair “decided to go our separate ways, and start a new journey of our own,” after 18 years of marriage, although he took down the post less than 24 hours later.

Tori claimed she and the kids had to move out of their family home after revealing it had mold issues in May 2023. They initially moved into a motel in Hollywood and later relocated to an RV campground in Ventura County, California. It’s unclear where Dean is living.

How Has Tori Spelling Made Money?

Tori and Jennie were behind the 2019 reboot of their original hit, retitled BH90210. They reprised their original characters of Donna Martin and Kelly Taylor with a brand new cast of younger characters at West Beverly High School. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Tori was paid $70,000 per episode with an additional $15,000 per episode paycheck as a cocreator with Jennie. The show was canceled by Fox after one season and Tori appeared in six episodes.

In addition to acting, Tori is a published author, beginning with her 2008 book, Stori Telling, about growing up on Beverly Hills, 90210. It reached No. 1 on The New York Times’ Best Seller list for hardcover non-fiction books. Tori followed it up with 2009’s Mommywood, a humorous look at her life as a mother, and 2013’s Spelling It Like It Is.


Tori and Dean had their own Oxygen network reality show from March 2007 through January 2012. It was originally titled Tori & Dean: Inn Love for its first two seasons then changed to Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood. The former starlet then landed her own Lifetime reality show, True Tori, which ran from 2014 through 2016.

What Money Issues Has Tori Spelling Had?

Amid whispers that her marriage to Dean is on the rocks, Tori and her estranged husband have faced a slew of financial hurdles. In July 2023, In Touch exclusively revealed that they were hit with a $324 New York City state tax warrant, which listed both parties and was filed on April 20, 2022.

Tori and Dean previously faced a state lien for $31,091.00 in 2018, a judgement lien for $17,730.00 in 2017, federal tax liens for $184,390.00 in 2017 and $707,487 in 2016 and a state tax lien for $259,108 in 2016. The actress’ bank account was also seized in 2020 when she refused to pay back American Express. The court ordered a writ of execution carried out by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department in March. She owed $88,731.25 to the credit card company, and ultimately paid off the balance in April 2022.

How Much Money Did Tori Spelling Inherit From Her Late Father Aaron Spelling?

Despite the prolific television producer having a net worth of more than $600 million upon his death in 2006, Aaron Spelling left nearly the entire sum to his wife and Tori’s mom, Candy Spelling. Tori received just $800,000 from Aaron’s estate.

Candy claimed in a 2014 New York Times interview that Tori’s small inheritance was due to issues with her alleged over-spending. “She would close a store spending $50,000 to $60,000,” Candy told the publication about Tori, adding, “I never did anything like that, she just went crazy.”

What Has Tori Spelling Said About Managing Her Money?

“I am not great with money, and I know a lot of people read a lot of stuff about my financial things going on,” she admitted in a 2019 episode of her Kin reality series, Tori Tried and True. “I had a business manager since I was 18 years old, so I never handled any of my money. Everything, everything, went to them, so, unfortunately, I never quite learned about money. Now raising kids of my own, I’m like, that is so important.”

“And because I’ve never been good with money, I wasn’t ever taught to deal with money properly, that’s something that’s really important for me to do as I’m learning myself now in my 40s,” she added.

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