America’s Next Top Model alum Adrianne Curry-Rhode “100 percent” regrets getting plastic surgery, she exclusively tells In Touch.

“My body rejected the implants immediately,” she says, referring to her breast implants. “I had to go get a new set, and I wasn’t wise enough then to know that if my body already rejected set number one within six months, my body ain’t gonna like set number two, right?”

The former Surreal Life star adds that she “was in pain for years” before she “finally got rid of ’em.”

“They were awful. The one on my right side had ruptured inside and leaked, which caused necrosis — where the flesh dies. So they had to remove most of my real breasts on the right side, which meant they had to give me a huge breast reduction on my left side to match me. So now I’m like a triple cup,” she explains. “And I went in initially as a small C and I’m just like, I don’t even care. And [the surgeon] even said, I could do a fat injection. I could do this. And that. I’m like, lady, when you toss the dice and you lose every single time, at a certain point, you’re like take the losses. Just walk away. We’re done.”

Previously the Illinois native, who is married to actor Matthew Rhode, claimed her ex-husband, Christopher Knight, teased her over her implants. Ultimately, she got them removed after he allegedly said one was “bigger than the other.”

Who Is Adrianne Curry's Husband
Courtesy of Adrianne Curry/Instagram

“I was so young. I was so young and impressionable. Everyone he had ever dated before had the big [boobs],” she said. “Like everyone around me had them. I was the only person in all of Manhattan. It was just me and I felt self-conscious.”

Looking back, she wished she could give her younger self some advice. “Now that I’m older, I just wanna shake young me and be like, ‘Your boobs are glorious. They’re worthy of interpretive song and dance. Like why would you touch them?’ But I did.”

As for whether or not she would go under the knife again? “I learned to love myself and accept my body,” Adrianne says. “I’m perfectly healthy. I shouldn’t mess with my surgery. You know, it hurts. It’s terrible. The recovery is awful, and it’s almost like giving birth as a result.”

These days, the brunette babe is focusing on more important things in life — like spending time with her husband and their 18 chickens. Yes, 18! After leaving Hollywood behind, the couple settled in Montana and now live a life (almost) “totally off-grid.”

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