America’s Next Top Model alum Adrianne Curry-Rhode is enjoying a quiet life in Montana with her husband, Matthew Rhode, after leaving Hollywood behind, she exclusively tells In Touch.

“Well, initially we moved to the mountains in Prescott, Arizona, but it was too populated for us,” the show’s first winner, now 39, explains of their decision to move. “There were 49,000 people, and I felt like L.A. was having a mass exodus there. And I’m like, no, I tried to get away from all of you. So we moved site unseen.”

She added that they “had never been to Montana” but “wanted a free, very freezing state.” That being said, her husband, also 39, wanted to relocate to Alaska, which was just a little too adventurous for the Illinois native. “Alaska’s where I drew the line. I can’t do a full day of daylight, so, yeah, we did Montana.”

These days, the My Fair Brady alum — who was previously married to The Brady Bunch alum Christopher Knight — is a chicken keeper.

“I have 18 chickens right outside the door. They’re dual-purpose, so they can be used for meat and eggs,” she reveals. “That’s pretty much what I’ve been doing.” Adrianne adds that she and Matthew “are going to be clearing our property, parking it out for fire hazards just to make sure we don’t burn down. And as soon as we’re done, we’re gonna build a huge greenhouse.” Ultimately, their goal is to be “totally off-grid and self-reliant.”

Who Is Adrianne Curry's Husband
Courtesy of Adrianne Curry-Rhode/Instagram

As for the former Surreal Life star’s career in 2022? She’s made an impressive name for herself outside of reality TV.

“Well, right now I’m the number one Avon lady in the United States of America,” she says, surprised. “I sell Avon! Crazy how it happened.”

Adrianne explains, “I actually got surgery. I watched Edward Scissorhands high on Percocet after getting a female myomectomy surgery. And I signed up to sell Avon. I don’t remember doing it. And the kit came to my house. So I thought I’m gonna do livestreams, because I can’t move after the surgery, to make fun of Avon. Swear to God. I just was like eff this Avon lady. This is hilarious.”

Turns out, she ended up being a great saleswoman. “I signed up for it, got the kit, was gonna mock and ridicule it, and ended up really liking it.”

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