She's going under the knife! Little Women: LA star Tonya Banks lives a pretty active lifestyle, but she wasn't happy with her body so she decided to undergo a little plastic surgery to help her achieve the results she wants. In an exclusive sneak peek from this week's episode, Tonya prepares for surgery, but she wonders if she may have gotten just a little bit carried away. Watch the video above to see the clip from Little Women: LA!

Tonya has been looking forward to her surgery all season, and she said her main reason for wanting to undergo a body makeover is because of her age. At 53 years old, she thinks that liposuction would help boost her confidence, but she admitted that she hoped that her best friend and Little Women: LA co-star Christy Gibel was by her side.

"I really wish that I had my partner in crime to go through liposuction with me," Tonya revealed in her confessional. "I want Christy to have the same great results as me."

Tonya was so excited to get her procedure and she had a lot of requests for the doctor, but once she saw herself all marked up, she started to have second thoughts about going under the knife. "I hope I didn't go too crazy too fast," she said.

But it looks like Tonya's procedure went well because judging from her Instagram, she's happy with the results. Earlier this month, Tonya showed off her flat tummy in a bikini pic and fans couldn't get enough of her new sexy look. And in order to keep her results, Tonya has been hitting the gym and in a recent post, she gave fans tips about how to find the motivation to start their own fitness journey.

"There are so many ways to actively get fit other than going to the gym," she wrote. "Take a dance class, practice yoga, jog around your neighborhood or even take a boxing class like I do! The healthier happier you is an exercise away."

Be sure to catch the next episode of Little Women: LA, airing Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on Lifetime.

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