Things take an emotional turn during this week's episode of Little Women: LA. Elena Gant and Jasmine Arteaga Sorge had a nasty falling out last week as tensions rose over their joint partnership in Elena's beauty bar. Even though their friendship seemed like it was over, they decided to try to talk it out and Elena got extremely honest with Jasmine about why this new business is so important to her. Watch our exclusive sneak peek above!

Earlier this season, Elena asked her pal Jasmine to go in with her on a business to open a beauty bar, and she originally offered her 70%-30% of ownership. Jasmine wanted 50%, but Elena didn't think it was a good idea because she felt that Jasmine is not reliable and doesn't follow through in any of her goals or career aspirations.

As if that wasn't hurtful enough, Elena then turned around and offered their mutual friend and Little Women: LA co-star Terra Jolé 50% ownership of the beauty bar because Elena said Terra "does stuff" — implying that Jasmine would not get enough done as a partner in the business.

But Elena also talked a lot of mess about Jasmine and her work ethic to Terra, pointing out all of the projects that she hasn't completed or followed through with and Jasmine was hurt when Terra told her. "You also go to Terra and talk s–t about me about things I haven't succeeded [with] in life," Jasmine said. "You should encourage your friend, not bring them down."

Even though Elena's 50/50 deal with Terra is what started all of the drama, it looks like she won't be working with Elena at all anymore. After all of the drama, Elena decided that she will still go forward with her plans for her beauty bar without a partner.

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