The drama continues. In tonight's upcoming episode of Little Women: LA, Jasmine Arteaga Sorge confronts Elena Gant about choosing to partner with Terra Jolé on the beauty bar, but things take a turn when Jasmine calls Elena a "cold-hearted b-tch" and walks out on her. Is their friendship over for good? Check out the video above to watch the exclusive first look at tonight's episode!

In last week's episode, "Backstabbing Beauties," Jasmine felt backstabbed by Elena afte she learned she offered Terra 50/50 equity on the beauty bar. Elena first asked Jasmine to partner with her on opening their own beauty salon, but she only offered Jasmine 70/30. Jasmine — who has 10 years of experience in the beauty industry and has always thought about opening up her own salon — was still interested in partnering with Elena, but wanted to do it if it was 50/50. When Christy Gibel told Jasmine that Elena was speaking to Terra about a partnership, Jasmine told her, "Me and Elena are so close, I don't think she'd do something like that to me behind my back."

Later on, Terra opened up to her husband, Joe, about Elena's beauty bar offer because she's hesitant about moving forward with it. "I know nothing about hair, to me the natural choice is Jasmine who does hair, and then she said that she wouldn't be interested in going into a business with Jasmine," Terra explained. "Her explanation was, 'when you see something, you do it, when Jasmine sees something, she sits on it.'"

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But on top of her lack of experience in the beauty industry, Terra had concerns about working with Elena. "The fact that she's asking me for money which is a big commitment considering we both know nothing about hair," she said. "Second concern: If you know Elena, she hops from one thing to another to another and I've been on her, I've been like, 'keep up with your YouTube channel, keep vlogging,' but she basically quit doing it."

Joe chimed in, "She doesn't even do her YouTube anymore, and yet she's gonna get up in the morning and go to a 9-5 job?" He laughed, "I don't think so." So, will Elena's beauty bar dream come true? Will Jasmine end their friendship for good? Watch the latest episode of Little Women: LA on Wednesday, May 2, at 9 p.m. EST on Lifetime to catch up with the drama.

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