TLC’s reality show The Little Couple welcomed fans inside the home of Dr. Jennifer Arnold, her husband, Bill Klein, and their two kids, William and Zoey! Jen and Bill adopted their son from China in 2012, one year before they added Zoey into their loving brood. Keep reading to learn more about their youngest family member.

How old is Zoey Klein?

Zoey is already 9 years old! The spunky little cutie was born in India on September 22, 2011, and was adopted by Jen and Bill at 2 years old on October 15, 2013. Her adoption was featured on Season 6 of The Little Couple in 2014, after a brief hiatus.

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Courtesy Zoey Klein/Instagram

Do Will and Zoey Klein go to school?

Yes, Jen and Bill’s kids are furthering their education. Both of them temporarily switched to home schooling in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic and prior to that, they changed schools because they moved from Houston, Texas, to St. Petersburg, Florida, for Jen’s new job at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital.

In June, the neonatologist revealed Zoey was enjoying painting at home since school was out for summer. 

Where is Zoey Klein from?

Back in 2015, Jen opened up to People magazine about how difficult a transition it was for Zoey to move to a brand new country and become part of a brand new family. To make matters even more tricky, at the time of the adoption, Jen had just been diagnosed with cancer — which she has now fully recovered from.

“She wanted nothing to do with us,” Jen said of her daughter’s relocation from India to America. “It was months before she really came around.” 

'The Little Couple': Jen Arnold, Bill Klein's Cutest Family Photos
Courtesy Jen Arnold/Instagram

She took speech therapy classes.

Zoey’s efforts toward improving her speech have been documented on previous episodes of The Little Couple. She closely worked with speech-language pathologist Anna Eifert for two years. “Zoey had been exposed to an Indian language prior to arriving in the United States, so you’re going to see some delays — that would be expected,” Anna said of Zoey. “Zoey’s speech has come a really long way in the two and a half years I’ve seen her for therapy.”

She has a form of dwarfism similar to her parents.

Much like their adopted son Will, Zoey also has dwarfism. Bill and Jen were adamant about adopting a child with “challenges” as they have dealt with similar experiences. “We’ve dealt with prejudice,” Jen told People ahead of Zoey’s adoption. “I feel very lucky and fortunate that I have the wonderful life I have.”

In fact, Jen was happy to speak about her family’s dwarfism as a way to teach other people. “A little girl came up to me in a store and said, ‘You are a little person,’ very matter-of-factly and I said, ‘Yes, I am, thank you very much,'” she recalled. “We have an opportunity to raise awareness and that’s wonderful.”

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