Kam Williams has no hard feelings toward Laurel Stucky after what went down on episode 9 of The Challenge: All Stars season 4. Kam lost to Cara Maria Sorbello in this week’s elimination when Laurel decided not to swap places with her, despite previously saying that she would since she was in the position to do so.

“I’m not going to expect Laurel to play my best game that’s just going to benefit me,” Kam, 29, exclusively told In Touch. “We were technically just getting to know each other for the first time ever. I think she was smart for what she did. If I was in her shoes, I would’ve done the exact same thing.”

The Are You the One? alum said she believed Laurel, 39, would’ve taken her place if the elimination challenge was something physical, but understood why she chose not to when she saw what the task entailed. “If it was anything [not physical] she would’ve wanted it to be me because, you know, I’m good in eliminations,” Kam explained. “Looking at all the other options and knowing Cara would be going in, it’s like, Kam is going to be the best chance of possibly getting rid of her.”

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Laurel and Kam teamed up to target Cara, 38, this season, but she remained in the game after beating Kam during the Wednesday, May 29, episode. “No matter what, like, a heavy hitter was going home,” Kam admitted. “So I think that’s amazing and that’s brilliant. [Laurel] did the absolute right thing. I can’t be mad at that in the grand scheme of the game.”

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Kam also took ownership of her poor performance in the daily challenge this week. She was partnered with her fiancé, Leroy Garrett, and they were disqualified because Kam did not complete the mission. “Everybody else jumped and I did not jump,” she pointed out. “From the moment that I didn’t jump, I knew that [getting voted into elimination] was something that I would’ve had to do. … I was mentally preparing for [it].”

The MTV star also dished on where she stands with Cara following their feud this season. “I stand with her like I have before. I don’t have any real life problems with her,” Kam shared. “We just ended up playing at opposite sides of the game. That’s sometimes how the game works out.”

By beating Kam in the elimination, Cara earned back her star, which Kam had stolen after winning the previous week’s elimination. Only the six players with stars will qualify to run the final, and with 13 players left in the game, time is running out to steal one. Aside from Cara Maria, the other remaining star holders are Leroy, 39, Adam Larson, Steve Meinke, Veronica Portillo and Nicole Zanatta, who will all have to defend their stars in order to hold onto them.

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