Kam Williams finally took her shot at Cara Maria Sorbello on The Challenge: All Stars. After Cara failed to vote the way Kam wanted earlier this season, the Are You the One? alum has been waiting to get revenge, and she did just that during the Wednesday, May 22, episode.

It was an episode filled with drama for Cara, 38, who had a heart-to-heart with frenemy Laurel Stucky to kick things off. Laurel, 39, vented about her relationship with ex Nicole Zanatta, who was also a cast member, and the mixed signals she was receiving from the firefighter. Cara comforted Laurel and urged her friend to cut things off with Nicole, 33, but things took a turn when the New York native confronted Cara and told her to stay out of her personal business. A fight between the women ensued and Laurel took Nicole’s side, as she was upset with how Cara spoke to Nicole.

There was a break in the tension when the cast arrived at the next challenge. This one was an individual competition that required the players to jump into a mud pit and knock colored balls off the net above them. Each player had five balls and would be eliminated when all of theirs were knocked off the net.

Kam, 29, was itching to get voted into elimination so she could (hopefully) win and steal a star from one of the three female star holders – Cara, Nicole or Veronica Portillo – and earn a spot in the final. Unsurprisingly, Cara Maria was her target.

Laurel chose to team up with Kam, since she also wanted to target Cara. They formed a plan for Kam to be in the losing group, which would make her one of the women up for nomination. It was also imperative that Cara be in the middle group – which would make her safe from elimination and give Kam the opportunity to steal her star if she went in and won – or losing group, which would give Kam the possible opportunity to go against her in the elimination and send her home, earning her star in the process.

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Kam and Laurel were both in the first heat during the challenge and got the other players to join in on what they were doing. The group made sure Kam was eliminated first, putting her in the losing group and securing the first part of the plan.

When Cara took her place in the second heat, she managed to outlast enough competitors and not land in the losing group. However, she couldn’t pull out the victory in the final round. Averey Tressler and Ace Amerson were the winners of the challenge. This was what Kam and Laurel wanted, since they weren’t sure Averey, 33, and Ace, 45, would vote with them if they were part of the middle group in charge of nominations. As the winners, they didn’t partake in the vote.

Kam, Veronica, 46, Tina Barta and Flora Alekseyeva were the four women in the losing group. The middle group, who was in charge of deciding which of those two women were nominated for elimination, consisted of Cara, Laurel, Nicole, Leroy Garrett and Adam Larson. Since Leroy, 39, is engaged to Kam, he was obviously onboard with the plan she, Laurel and Nicole came up with earlier in the episode.

Cara wasn’t ready to go down without a fight, though. She pleaded her case and tried to explain to Nicole that it didn’t make sense for her to work with Kam because if Kam won and took Cara’s star, Nicole would become the next target as a star holder. Laurel exploded on Cara during the conversation. In the end, everyone stuck with their original plan, and Kam was voted into elimination against Tina, 42.

At the challenge, the women had to jump on a trampoline to view a puzzle board on the other side of a wall. Their goal was to memorize the pieces of the puzzle and then recreate it. Kam was victorious, sending Tina home. True to her word, she stole Cara Maria’s star. Now she’ll just have to hold onto it as the game continues.

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