The name of the game is deny, deny, deny. And that’s just what Teresa Giudice did on part 2 of the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion when host Andy Cohen asked her to address the rumors that she’s got a new man. After being with husband Joe Giudice for nearly two rocky decades, the housewife was spotted out and about with a new, young hottie. On February 20, Radar Online was the first to break the news, and in the weeks since, she’s been seen with her alleged boy toy at least a few more times while on vacation, enjoying a night out, and at the beach. His name is Blake Schreck, and he’s a 20-something realtor who’s gotten more than a little handsy with the 46-year-old star.

But what Andy wanted to talk about was Us Weekly‘s first sighting of them together all the way back on New Year’s Eve. “There were articles around New Year’s that you were seen canoodling with a guy in Miami, touching his leg and stuff like that,” the host told Teresa, but she wasn’t interested in discussing it. “Yeah, what else is new?” she fired back. “I took tons of pictures with tons of fans, so, I mean, I was hugging a lot of people,” she continued.


Andy continued to push the issue, asking, “Do you remember anybody touching your leg?” but Teresa kept trying to shut the conversation down. “A lot of people were touching me,” she claimed. “It was New Year’s Eve, hello. Some girl wanted to make out with me. I just said, you know, not right now. I said, ‘Later,'” she jokes, laughing.

But that doesn’t change the fact that the Bravo star was also spotted by Us Weekly without her wedding ring on. When Andy brought it up, Teresa tried to deflect once again. “Yeah, that’s what they said,” she hemmed and hawed before eventually continuing, “But, I mean, who cares? Who cares if I wear my rings or if I don’t? Joe never wore rings.” It’s pretty much the end of the convo as Andy says, “Um, ok,” and moves on — but it doesn’t look good for RHONJ celeb’s marriage.

With costar Kim DePaola, a.k.a. Kim D, accusing Teresa of “fooling around for years” behind her husband’s back, the mom-of-four’s relationship with her husband seems more in trouble than ever. But we’ll have to wait for part 3 of the reunion before Teresa herself is finally confronted on camera with the question of whether or not she’s stayed faithful to Joe.

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