She’s got some tea about Teresa Giudice, y’all. After the Real Housewives of New Jersey star was spotted getting close to a younger guy in Miami on February 16, her former friend and costar Kim DePaola a.k.a. Kim D spoke to In Touch exclusively about how the 46-year-old Housewife is just repeating history with her new beau — and her sister-in-law Melissa Gorga has been keeping her secrets.

“Teresa and Melissa [Gorga] are the two best liars I know,” the 57-year-old revealed. “Melissa’s better. Teresa just thinks she’s not gonna get caught, that’s her problem. Teresa’s been fooling around for years.” Them’s fighting words, Kim! Family supports family, sure, but would Teresa’s sister-in-law actually cover for her?

“I heard a family member of Joe [Giudice]’s came to her and asked her ‘can you please just tone it down,'” she said. “Clearly, she didn’t tone it down. She don’t give two shits.”

We’ve always known the Posche boutique owner to tell it like it is, but damn. We’ve never heard her be so raw and real.

This isn’t the first time Teresa has been accused of having unfaithful tendencies, and Kim D is usually at the root of those accusations. “I don’t lie. I have been telling the truth from day one at my fashion show,” she said.

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Kim got real about Tre’s husband, Joe Giudice, possibly cheating on her seasons ago, after which she also called Teresa out for having extramarital relations.

“I came on the show again and said Teresa had a boyfriend. She was seeing that guy Shane [Wierks]. She was 100 percent seeing Shane,” she explained. “She was texting him when she was on the girls’ trip — they all knew it and they all tried to protect her, Siggy, Dolores, all of them. None of these girls want to go against Teresa because they do that and they end up losing their job.”

We all know Tre is the OG of RHONJ but it would be pretty wild of her to be sneaking around in plain sight. But no matter what, Kim is so outspoken about all the drama, it’s hard not to end up believing her.

“I told the truth again and again, I was the bad guy,” she told us. “You know I’ll say whatever I want because I know it’s true.”

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