Inset Photo of Briana DeJesus Over Photo of Devoin Austin and Daughter Nova
Courtesy Devoin Austin/Instagram; Courtesy Briana DeJesus/Instagram

Setting the record straight! Teen Mom 2 dad Devoin Austin fired back after his ex Briana DeJesus claimed he doesn’t financially help take care of their daughter, Nova. After the MTV mama took to Instagram to call him out, he responded with an Instagram Story of his own.

The drama started when someone messaged Briana, 26, to let her know Devoin, 28, was showing off a “huge stack of money” online. She shared a screenshot of their exchange with the caption, “[You] better start helping me with Nova if that’s the case!” Her ex wasn’t impressed, though. After reposting her Story to his own page, he responded, “You gon [sic] STFU [with] this ‘start’ s–t. WTF have I BEEN doing. LOL. I know it’s Teen Mom season coming up. But chill out!!”

Teen Mom 2 Star Devoin Austin Fires Back at Briana DeJesus' Parenting Claims He Doesn't Help With Nova Censored
Courtesy Briana DeJesus/Instagram; Courtesy Devoin Austin/Instagram

It seems Nova’s dad accused his ex of stirring up drama to boost ratings for the show — but this isn’t the first time they’ve publicly clashed. The parents had major drama in April 2019 after she put him on blast for “f–king up big time” while watching their daughter.

Briana claimed Devoin got drunk during one of his visits with Nova. The daddy-daughter duo were spending the day by the pool, but Nova can’t swim. Though nothing happened, Briana was upset about how quickly everything could’ve gone wrong and felt she could no longer trust her ex to watch their child. Devoin confirmed that story when he took to Twitter to clear the air.

“I had two drinks while watching my child and it hit me terribly. So I was tipsy when she came to pick up Nova. I’m the worst father ever, y’all,” he wrote on April 12. “But, hey, I’m still doing my part financially. It’s just a lockout for me [right now]. And, yes, this happened seven days before the reunion. Yet ALL we talked about the ENTIRE reunion was about me being an ‘alcoholic,’ LOL. None of the good I’ve done. So I know my success ain’t in Teen Mom‘s plans. … Briana making it seem like I loaded guns in front of Nova lol. I just learned that I don’t ever wanna have a drink around my child if I’m alone. It’s a lesson. I learned.”

The former couple was eventually able to put their issues behind them, and Devoin and Nova reunited in an October episode of the MTV show. At the time, Briana kept her distance — but it seems there is still some major friction between these two.

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