Talk About Awkward — Plenty of Celeb Exes Shared the Screen or Stage After Difficult Breakups

When it comes to Hollywood, there’s a lot to be jealous of — red carpet gowns, adoring fans, a million likes on even the lamest Instagram you throw up and becoming half of a super-hot celebrity couple are just a few of them. But there are also things that aren’t so enviable, like getting stuck working with your ex even after you’ve broken up. Across the music, movie and TV industry, there are actually a lot of exes who worked together both before and after they called it quits — and, yeah, it gets about as awkward as you can imagine.

It’s especially awkward when you and your former boo are playing two character that are in a relationship. It might be easy to pretend that you’re falling in love in front of the cameras when life starts imitating art off-screen, but imagine what happens when your job outlives your relationship. When you and your on-screen boyfriend break up but are still contractually obligated to make out and gaze lovingly into each other’s eyes every week, it sounds more like a nightmare than a dream job.

Some stars are lucky enough to call it quits long after the cameras have stopped rolling. Take Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, for example. Though they may have fallen for each other on the set of the spy movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith, things didn’t get really serious for the couple until after filming had wrapped. Once the Hollywood hunk had officially ended his relationship with Jennifer Aniston, he and his new lady were spotted on vacation together over the summer of 2005. Over the next decade or so, the couple tied the knot and had a couple kids.

By 2016, the brunette beauty filed for divorce as part of a less-than-amicable split, and the stars went their separate ways. But if there was a long-awaited Mr. and Mrs. Smith sequel on the docket, these two would’ve found themselves back on set and recreating the steamy chemistry that got them in trouble the first time around. And let’s be real — these two had enough drama between them without on-set tension being thrown into the mix. Not all actors have been so lucky, though. Check out the gallery below to see all the celebrity couples who worked together even after their breakup. 

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