Keeping secrets? Cheyenne Floyd and Cory Wharton usually have a pretty good co-parenting relationship, but when Ryder had a serious health scare while filming the recent season of Teen Mom OG, the MTV mama decided to keep the news from her baby daddy. In an exclusive interview with In Touch, she breaks down why exactly she decided to stay quiet.

“She was in the hospital for a little while while Cory was doing The Challenge,” Cheyenne, 27, says. The Are You The One alum “made the decision not to tell him” about the incident based on how far he’d already made it in the reality TV competition. “I did the math, and I saw how far along he was and how many days he had left,” she explains.

It wasn’t a conclusion she reached on her own. The California native talked to her daughter’s doctors and got their opinions on just how dire the situation was. “They said if we got to a point where he needed to be present, then they would let me know,” she says. “Luckily, we never got there.”

The situation stands in stark contrast to the last time we saw Ryder go to the hospital during filming. Previously, the parents clashed when the toddler got sick while her father was on vacation with his girlfriend, Taylor Selfridge. When Chey reached out to let the couple know about her daughter’s condition, the dad wanted to stay on his trip — and it led to some serious tension.

Cheyenne says this time around was different, however. “What happened last season is that he was on vacation and he didn’t come back. … The frustration came from that,” she tells In Touch. “He was in Mexico. Mexico is not that far from L.A., so get your ass on a plane. Your kid is in the hospital for a week.” However, she reveals the dad has “definitely stepped up” and taken the time to learn about Ryder’s condition “and how her body functions differently from other kids” in the time since.

“I handled this one differently than the first time, but … [he] takes it a lot more seriously [now],” the mom shares. “[Ryder’s] been sick at his house, and he’s seen what her body does, and it definitely freaked him out. I think he’s starting to understand.”

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