Allow us to introduce you to Bristol Palin: the new Teen Mom queen of shade. The 27-year-old has been getting a lot of hate since joining the cast of OG, and say what you want about her, but her Instagram clapbacks are iconic. Watch the video above to see her epic responses to the haters.

From the second Bristol was announced as the newest castmember on the show, there’s been backlash. Fans are frustrated that MTV casted someone who wasn’t one of the original 16 and Pregnant or Teen Mom stars, when the show is straight-up titled “OG” aka original girls.



But while Bristol wasn’t on the original Teen Mom, she did have her own reality show focusing on her life as a young, single mom. So to be fair, she does fit right in since she’s had similar experiences in the public eye, and falls into the age range of the other girls.

Ironically, after replacing Farrah Abraham on the show, Bristol also seems to have replaced her as the most clapback-happy girl on the cast. But let’s not forget her most amazing burn ever, which came when she guest-starred on The Secret Life of the American Teenager. When Shailene Woodley’s character unknowingly joined a music program for teen moms, she was disappointed to find out that she “didn’t get there on her own.”


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“Of course you did,” said a monotone Bristol. “You’re the world’s greatest french horn player. And I’m Yo-Yo Ma. Now let’s go.” That’s clapback gold, people.

After just one episode featuring Bristol, some fans found themselves surprised by how much they actually liked her. “Despite my best efforts, I actually kinda like the addition of Bristol. She brings a new edge to the show. Cheyenne is great too. ?,” said one. Another agreed, writing, “Ok I actually like Bristol as an addition to #TeenMomOG. It really freshens the franchise up. And thank you Dakota for your service to our country!”

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