So heartbreaking. Teen Mom OG fans got a crash course introduction to one of the shows newest stars Bristol Palin on this week’s season premiere, and she definitely brought high drama with her. Fans immediately learned about Bristol’s failing marriage with her husband, War in Afghanistan veteran Dakota Meyer — and Bristol revealed that Dakota’s PTSD from his service in the Marines is what eventually led to their divorce. 

Bristol and Dakota got into a nasty fight during the season premiere during a particularly rough bout of anxiety and they explained their sides of the story. “I know he’s got major anxiety right now and obviously, there’s lots pain between us,” Bristol, 27, said. “I felt terrible about it, but it’s been two years of hurt, so my frustration is just, I understand that you have anxiety, but it doesn’t justify the things that are said between us if that makes sense.”

“What she doesn’t understand is, it’s two years for her — it’s been since Sept. 8, 2009, for me,” Dakota, 30, explained. “And she acts like it’s a choice that I live with it, she acts like it’s a choice that I have anxiety. But it’s like, all I want you to do is support me. I just need your help at these moments.”

Dakota explained that he went through a horrific experience while he was in Afghanistan where he witnessed his squad members die in an ambush. Dakota was the sole survivor in the attack, and he was later awarded the Medal of Honor for his heroic efforts to save his friends.

But Bristol said while she understands Dakota’s anxiety, she doesn’t think it’s an excuse for the way he treats her. I’m just tired of, ‘It’s my anxiety, it’s what I’ve seen,’ so that’s what justifies me saying stuff that insinuates that I’m a bad mom. It just makes me walk around like, ‘Okay, I guess I am a crappy mom. I guess I am a b—h. I guess I am this and that.’ I don’t want to raise my kids to think that this is like, what a marriage looks like.”

Dakota owned up to the fact that he does say mean things to Bristol, but when he realizes what he’s doing, he’ll immediately apologize and tell her he loves her. But Bristol still doesn’t think it’s acceptable.”

“I’m a punching bag for everything he goes through internally,” Bristol said. “And that’s why I sit here and I tell the counselors that we’ve seen, ‘What can I sit here and blame? This his service, or this just him being a d–k?'” 

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