Setting the record straight. Teen Mom alum Farrah Abraham defended her “puffy face” after fans accused her of undergoing plastic surgery.

After several of her fans wondered if Farrah, 32, went under the knife, the former MTV personality explained that she had a “chronic” and “debilitating” condition called sinusitis, which is also known as a sinus infection.

“Hey all, as it is my birthday, I just wanted to say I have been having a puffy face because I have sinusitis,” she told her followers in an Instagram Story video posted on Wednesday, May 31.

In addition to the video, Farrah shared an article that speculated her appearance was due to more cosmetic procedures.

“So you get allergy shots, you get steroids in order to be diagnosed with sinusitis,” she explained. “Usually, it takes a year for your doctor to understand that, that’s what it is.”

Sinusitis is an inflammation of the tissues in your sinuses, which causes facial pain, a stuffy or runny nose, and sometimes a fever and other symptoms, according to the Cleveland Clinic. The condition is usually caused by the common cold, as well as other viruses, bacteria, fungi and allergies.

The reality star then shared that she will be undergoing “surgery next week” to fix the situation.

“So thank you to others who are saying negative things and not being educated on the matter and most of us suffer from sinusitis and do not know that that’s what is affecting our eyes, our cheeks, our whole nasal area, and so that is just what has happened,” Farrah concluded in the clip. “Our sinuses give out.”

The 16 and Pregnant alum – who has undergone several plastic surgeries over the years – gave an update about her condition just three weeks after she slammed the Kardashian-Jenner family over changing their appearances with procedures.

‘Teen Mom’ Alum Farrah Abraham Denies Undergoing Plastic Surgery Despite ‘Puffy Face’
Courtesy of Farrah Abraham/Instagram

Farrah brought up the topic while sharing an article that read, “Kardashian fans think Kim now looks exactly like infamous Teen Mom star after fans say mogul ‘went too far with the surgery.’”

“I laugh at this,” she wrote across the photo, which featured side-by-side shots of her and Kim Kardashian’s faces. “If only the Kardashians watched @teenmom, they wouldn’t have ended up the way they did. Thank God I never went down the disempowered Kardashians way living like fashion is an identity. Authentically Farrah. I love my billions of times my face filter is used [sic]. I believe in anti-aging healthcare.”

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