They may have come up with a very sweet baby name, but some fans think Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Edwards (née Standifer) didn’t think things through. In fact, one commenter on Instagram even compared Stella Rhea’s moniker to a less than pleasant bowel movement. And when the MTV mama saw that, she didn’t hesitate to clap back.

The drama started when one Teen Mom OG fan noticed the way Stella’s middle name is spelled. Not one to beat around the bush, they simply commented, “Sounds like ‘diarrhea.'” Mackenzie, 23, didn’t take kindly to that. Instead of losing her cool, though, she simply cleared up the confusion — though we bet she had to take a few, cleansing breaths first. “It’s pronounced Ray,” she explained. “Not diarrhea.”

Mackenzie Edwards Slams Stella Rhea Baby Name Comparisons to Diarrhea
Courtesy of Mackenzie Edwards/Instagram

Yikes. At least the exchange gave plenty of other commenters a good laugh, right? “I’m dead,” one wrote with a skull emoji and a crying-laughing emoji. “[That’s] very rude,” another scolded. “Stop having diarrhea of the mouth.” A third chimed in, “Real mature. Your mom must be proud.” But the original commenter didn’t seem to mind being called out. “Diarrhea Edwards is a beautiful name,” they continued with a heart emoji. “Everyone dissing me for admiring Diarrhea is giving me clout [right now].”

Despite the pronunciation mixup, many fans do think Stella Rhea is a gorgeous name. Beyond that, it also has a sweet meaning. Stella is the Latin word for “star,” and Rhea’s Greek origins mean “flowing stream.” But there’s also some sentiment involved with the choice of middle moniker. According to Larry Edwards, Ryan’s dad, Rhea is a name from his wife’s side of the clan. 

Though the name was likely something that Mack and Ryan, 32, decided on ahead of time, Stella’s birth did come with a few surprises. “It was unexpected,” Larry told The Sun. “One push and she was here!” In her Instagram comments, the mom of three — four including step-son Bentley — opened up even more about the experience. “I was due on the 8th and was being induced,” she told a fan who asked if the little girl was born early. “She came on her own time, LOL.”

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