It might not be in the cards for her. Robyn Brown admitted on the February 16 episode of Sister Wives that she originally believed she’d get pregnant and have one more baby with husband Kody Brown, but that time in her life might be over.

When Robyn, 41, Meri Brown, Christine Brown and Janelle Brown got together to make vision boards, Christine, 47, asked Kody’s fourth wife, “Not thinking about babies anymore?” Robyn made a joke about not getting some sort of divine message about it, then said in a confessional, “To be honest, I thought there was gonna be another one. I thought I was gonna have another baby before I was done.”

“I think Kody’s kind of in the same place I am,” she continued. “He’s kinda like, ‘I’d keep having babies if I could.’ Because he just loves having kids.”

Janelle Brown Shares Rare Kody and Robyn Photos from Family Christmas Outing
Courtesy of Janelle Brown/Instagram

Janelle, 50, then explained that there are a lot of beliefs about “pre-destiny” when it comes to family and children in their religion. “We believe that there is some destiny to how many children we have,” she said.

On the January 19, episode of Sister Wives, Kody, 51, actually brought up the possibility that his youngest kids may not be the last ones that he has, and at that time, Robyn didn’t seem opposed to the idea, either.

“A lot of people, a lot my peers, are looking forward to an empty nest,” Kody said during a family gathering. “I’ve never been that person. I’m constantly debating with myself whether Ari’s the last or not … I was either looking forward to being a father, or a father, for the past 35 years … It’s a weird thought for me to think that I am not gonna have any more kids.”

“Kody and I are like always trying to make sure that our family is complete and there isn’t some sweet little spirit in Heaven waiting to be born to our family,” Robyn said in a confessional. “We just want to make sure that, like, Ari really, truly is the last of our family.”

Meri, 49, Christine and Janelle seem long past having any more kids, so if Robyn is done, Kody might be done, too — as long as the TLC series doesn’t have a surprise new wife waiting in the wings.

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