The Brown family continues to be at odds. While discussing holiday plans, Janelle Brown‘s son Gabriel “Gabe” Brown voiced his frustration with his father, Kody Brown, and his strict COVID-19 protocols.

“I’m tired of it. It’s literally ruining our family,” Gabe, 20, said in a tense teaser clip of the January 2 episode of Sister Wives, shared by Hollywood Life 

Both Gabe and his brother Garrison Brown were in agreement, stating that they planned to do what Christine Brown was planning for the holidays.

“If she’s traveling and she’s cool with it, why don’t we just do Thanksgiving with Christine?” Gabe said. “Dad can do his bulls–t and we’ll do ours.”

In the clip, Janelle said her children are “very close” to her fellow sister wife, 49, and the feeling is clearly mutual.

“I love Janelle’s kids. I adore them,” Christine said during a confessional. “They’re just part of my soul.” 

Janelle realized she was at an impasse between her children and Kody, 52.

“I mean, my kids, my boys, and Kody, they’re in these very opposite camps and there’s no give and take,” Janelle said. “It’s just talk, talk, talk, try to convince. … That’s it. I’ve been trying for nine months to get us to find some sort of middle ground, and there is no give on either side.”

The patriarch of the polygamist family provided strict guidelines during the December 26 episode, which he stated, should the wives not follow them, he would not visit their household. Robyn Brown said in a confessional she doesn’t find the rules, which include cleaning mail and groceries or products purchased with alcohol wipes, hard to follow “if it [meant] having Kody in [her] household.” Meri Brown also said she was open to following the rules if Kody would visit her home

However, both Janelle and Christine felt the guidelines were far too extreme. 

Kody made it clear to Janelle that the rules were non-negotiable — a stance that has caused conflict between the wives, their children and Kody. 

“You’re either in and you’re complying with our standard,” he said. “Or I’m not coming around.”

“This summer has been especially hard between Kody and I, so we are fundamentally at odds about how you manage the risk of this virus transmission,” Janelle said during a confessional in the November 28 episode of their TLC series. “So basically, unless we all observe his uber, uber, uber careful stance, forget holidays.”

Christine, for her part, previously threatened to “leave” Kody on the December 26 episode if he wouldn’t approve of the family getting together for the holidays. She shocked fans on November 2 when she revealed she was leaving Kody after over 25 years of marriage. She has since relocated from Flagstaff, Arizona, back to Utah.  

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