Family shakeup. Sister Wives is coming back with a brand new season, and fans are going to see the famous polygamous family, made up of wives Robyn Brown, Meri Brown, Janelle Brown and husband Kody Brown, go through explosive trials and tribulations within their family dynamic amid Christine Brown‘s split from the patriarch. Keep reading to learn more about Sister Wives season 17!

How Does Christine and Kody’s Split Play Out on ‘Sister Wives’?

In a trailer for season 17, Christine was seen packing up boxes after deciding to leave her marriage. “It’s been heartbreaking being your wife for years,” Christine told the Brown patriarch during an emotional conversation between the two.

She later added in a confessional, “I agreed to be a sister wife. But I agreed to be an equal wife.”

The trailer also showed a tough conversation Kody had with his wives about Christine’s decision. “You never tried to have a really good relationship with these people and that’s the reason I’m pissed off,” he yelled at Christine. “Man, just the knife in the kidneys over all these years.” He angrily added, “All the sacrifices that I’ve made to love you.”

Additionally, the clip gave insight into how Kody’s other wives felt about Christine’s exit from their plural marriage. Janelle said that she knew Christine would eventually leave Kody, stating, “I feel like it’s more of an inevitability coming instead of a ‘Let’s try to work this out.’”

In a follow-up teaser released ahead of the season premiere, Christine and Kody are seen sitting down for what turned into a heated conversation.

“You’re not interested in an intimate marriage with me, I was,” she said sternly. “I’m not interested in intimate marriage with you anymore, even if you said at this point, we could have intimacy again, I wouldn’t believe it for a second.”

Christine went on to claim that Kody “has a favorite wife.” “Apparently, I’m not treating her well enough,” she added.

When Is ‘Sister Wives’ Returning?

The hit TLC show will return on Sunday, September 11, at 10 p.m. ET/PT.  

“When TLC first introduced Sister Wives, the country was fascinated by a family with a very different lifestyle than most. The Browns challenged the notion of a traditional family mold and over a decade later, their family dynamics are still resonating with viewers because of their honesty, vulnerability and now, their relatability,” Howard Lee, president of TLC streaming and network originals, said in a statement to Us Weekly

What Is Going to Happen on ‘Sister Wives’ Season 17?

Sister Wives' Christine Brown Calls Out Kody for Favorite Robyn in Tense Trailer Announcing Premiere

The family dynamic is going to have a dramatic shift this season as fans will see Christine officially leave the family patriarch. “I have decided to leave, I’m going to leave Kody,” she said in the intense trailer as she’s seen packing up her belongings. 

Although her mind seemed to be fully made up for her decision to leave, Kody attempted to convince her to stay with the family on multiple occasions. However, his efforts fell short, especially since the Utah native claimed that he favors one particular wife over the others.

“I feel like, to Kody, Robyn’s more important,” Christine said in a confessional clip in the trailer before she’s seen telling him that it’s been “heartbreaking” being his wife. “I agreed to be a sister wife but I agreed to be an equal wife,” she continued. 

How Do the Other Sister Wives Feel About the Split?

Although Christine kicked Kody out of her home last season, the two will break the news to the other wives in season 17 and by the looks of the trailer, they didn’t take it very well. 

“I felt like Christine was more than a sister wife, I felt like she was a friend for a lot of years,” an emotional Meri said in a confessional after Robyn explained, “There’s some strange things happening between Kody and Christine right now — I’m just supposed to stay out of it.”

Will There Be Drama Between Kody and the Other Sister Wives?

As seen in the trailer, Kody has issues with more than just Christine. In a clip, the Wyoming native had a serious one-on-one conversation with Janelle, with whom he claimed to be on different pages.

“I don’t think me and you know how to be real about things with each other,” he told Janelle, before she said in a confessional, “He’s no longer acting as a husband here.”

Kody and Christine’s drama even causes a rift between the former salesman and Robyn. “He doesn’t need to not be there,” Robyn explained in a confessional amid her disagreement with how Kody handled Christine’s decision. “In fact, it should be the other way around. He should be there, present.”

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