Two sides to every story. Sister Wives patriarch Kody Brown claimed that ex-wife Christine Brown was mean to her fellow sister wives, including Janelle Brown

“Christine s–t talked Janelle and Meri for two years to me,” Kody, 53, said in a clip from the upcoming Sunday, January 1, tell-all episode. “This is why I was getting frustrated, it’s like, you keep telling me I’m sleeping with the enemy.”

While Kody previously stated that his former third wife stopped him from reconciling with first wife Meri Brown and refused to mother fourth wife Robyn Brown’s children, Christine, 50, has continued to deny his accusations. 

“I wasn’t mean. I wasn’t mean to anybody,” the Cooking With Just Christine star said. “I didn’t know that I had been shunning Robyn like Meri said I had been doing. I didn’t know I had been doing those things. I didn’t try to do anything like that.”

She went on to say that Robyn, 43, could have felt shunned by the way Christine didn’t “let her in as much as she [would have] wanted.”

In addition to his claims against Christine when it came to Meri, 53, and Robyn, Kody further alleged that she had issues with Janelle.

“I understand that Janelle has certain nuances or quirks or whatever, but I love her and I’m still in this relationship with her,” he told host Sukanya Krishnan. “And you’re telling me that she mistreated you.” 

However, in the months since Christine and Kody’s split, she and Janelle, 51, have proved to be closer than ever. 

“It’s taken off the label of ‘Sister Wife’ and we’re just friends, but we’re closer than friends because we’ve raised kids together,” she said in a separate clip from the upcoming episode. “I don’t know if Janelle and I could be sister wives if we’re not married to the same guy.”

Janelle echoed Christine’s sentiment by saying, “Christine truly is, in my head, the definition of a sister wife.”

While Kody continued calling out his ex for her attitude towards his other wives, one of Suni’s questions regarding accusations that he favors Robyn really irked the reality star. 

“I spent two years listening to [Christine s–t talk],” he said. “It’s like, listen, you get to a point where you start realizing who you can trust and what you can say and what you can’t say,” adding that it’s “obvious” who he trusts, but he refused to name names.

Part 2 of the Sister Wives: One on One tell-all airs Sunday, January 1, followed by part 3 on January 8 on TLC.

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