Sister Wives stars Janelle Brown and Robyn Brown haven’t always seen eye to eye when it comes to their family matters, and Janelle has noticed something frustrating about their dynamic.

During the Sunday, October 1, episode, Janelle, 54, said that Robyn, 44, “plays this weird card” amid family drama where she doesn’t know why or remember why anyone is angry at each other. The realization came amid Janelle and husband Kody Brown’s separation after their explosive argument about communication and family in the September 3 episode.

Robyn, who is Kody’s last remaining wife after Christine Brown announced their split in November 2021, followed by Janelle in December 2022 and Meri Brown in January, said that she was worried about Kody and Janelle’s separation and felt like she couldn’t “let it go.” She also admitted that she often went inside of herself because of the family drama.

Elsewhere in the episode, Janelle said that she found it difficult to get past the mentality that Robyn was a “victim” in her relationship with Kody. However, Robyn said she didn’t feel like a victim and refused to “indulge in that thought process.”

Robyn and Kody’s relationship became a sore spot for Janelle and Kody during their heated argument. At the time, Janelle accused Kody of pushing her away by giving her ultimatums about their six children in the hopes that Janelle would leave him, allowing him to be monogamous with Robyn, who was his only legal wife. Christine alleged during the October 1 episode that how she, Meri, 52, and Christine, 51, “treat Robyn” is often a sign of a good wife in Kody’s eyes.

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However, Robyn said that she never turned any of the wives against Kody, calling the idea “bogus.” She said that she never had any big issues with Janelle, Christine or Meri.

Throughout season 18, Robyn — who married Kody in a spiritual ceremony in May 2010 before they legally tied the knot in December 2014 — has continued to mourn the family’s failed relationships. While recalling her and Kody’s Christmas holiday without their large brood during the September 17 episode, the mom of three said it was “tragic” that the whole family wasn’t there. “It is a cheap version,” she said of the family’s separation. “It is a broken version.”

While Janelle contemplated her separation from Kody in the October 1 episode, Meri revealed to Robyn that she was planning to move out of her home in Flagstaff and move her business to Utah, further separating herself from Kody. Robyn was unhappy about this and felt torn. She wanted to encourage Meri to “go find [her] happiness,” but at the same time, she hoped Meri would stay and try to figure things out as a family. Robyn also felt that her relationship with Kody was becoming monogamous, which she never wanted. She said that she was “starting to feel a little tricked” into monogamy and felt depressed and angry because of it.

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