Sister Wives star Gwendlyn Brown is known for her appearances alongside her parents, Kody Brown and Christine Brown, on TLC’s long-running series — but how else does she make money? Keep reading to get details on Gwen’s job, what she does for a living and more. 

What Does ‘Sister Wives’ Star Gwendlyn Brown Do for a Living?

Apart from being a reality TV personality, Gwen is currently a student at Northern Arizona University where she happened to meet her fiancée, Beatriz Queiroz

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Courtesy of Gwendlyn Brown/Instagram

“Done with finals,” the TLC alum captioned a December 2022 Instagram.

Gwendlyn in the past has also followed in her family’s multilevel marketing footsteps. 

“I hate it. I hate my life. I have MLMs,” she said during a January 2023 YouTube video. “It lasted for like a summer, but I ended up selling Janelle some knives.” 

How Else Does Sister Wives’ Gwendlyn Brown Make Money?

Aside from school and filming, Gwen also makes money on Patreon, a platform where TLC fans can connect with the Utah native on a more interactive level. Gwen offers a tiered system that delivers intimate Q&A sessions and exclusive videos, with prices ranging from $2 to $10 dollars per month. 

“As an autistic bisexual woman, I feel like my experience with polygamy, Mormonism and reality TV is fairly unique,” she wrote in her bio. “I’m excited to share how life has been for me and my family behind the scenes, where there are no cameras to influence our behavior.”

Is Sister Wives’ Star Gwendlyn Brown Engaged?

Gwen and her girlfriend Beatriz got engaged in November 2022 after seven months of dating. 

“I’m engaged,” the Sister Wives alum captioned an Instagram post that showed the two ladies together on a white blanket, covered in red roses and candles while outside in the snow. 

Gwendlyn is the second person in her family to come out, as her older sibling Leon Brown, chose to do so in a January 2017 episode of the series. 

Gwen hinted at coming out in a May 2021 Twitter post, writing, “As a kid, I would always argue, ‘If I’m old enough to know I’m straight, then they’re old enough to know they’re gay,’ but I was apparently not old enough to know I’m queer until 17. So, joke’s on me.”

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