She may not be known for her delicious recipes, but Jill Duggar does have a few fans of her cooking. Her husband Derick Dillard has come out with praise in defense of a few of her meals, and her older son Israel doesn’t seem to have a problem with whatever happens to be for dinner. As for her younger son, though… Well, let’s just say that Samuel isn’t exactly into it. The little boy has often got a “get me out of here” kind of expression on his face, and his side-eye is legendary.

In a new pic that Jill posted, Sam’s at it again, throwing some shade as his mom presents him with a meal that he’s less than interested in. “For our Sunday lunch today is one of our favorites….a good, inexpensive recipe! Lime & Cilantro Beans,” the 27-year-old mom of two wrote on Instagram. She shared the caption with a photo album, and though one photo showed Israel beaming at his plate, the first showed her one-year-old making a face that pretty much everyone familiar with Jill’s cooking can relate to. Check it out.

How funny is that? The recipe is one Jill’s shared before on the Dillard family blog. “Israel LOVES these beans!” she wrote in March 2017. “He helps me wash and sort through them, then after they’re done he wants them for every meal till the leftovers run out, breakfast included! lol.” Of course, Sam wasn’t even born until four months after Jill shared this recipe, but we’d have to guess by his face that it’s not exactly his favorite meal. Guess that’s one thing that he and Izzy don’t have in common.

Sam is, however, just as mischievous as his older brother. Though the three-year-old has cracked us up with his comments like “I need a drink!” while reading from the bible, the tiny tot is keeping his family entertained with some daredevil antics. Apparently, he’s picked up a new habit of climbing onto the table — whatever the cost. But we’re less laughing along and more worried about someone making sure this kid doesn’t crack his little head open if he topples over again. The Duggar family has a long history of letting their kids climb all over and sit in inappropriate places, and it’s only a matter of time until one of them gets seriously injured. We’re just hoping it’s not Sam — we need his sassy little face in our lives.

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