Welp, she’s at it again. Jill Duggar has whipped her baking pan back out and got to work in the kitchen, and this time she’s whipped up something that we’re pretty sure is supposed to brownies. Honestly, though, the dessert looks more like something that her sons Samuel and Israel could’ve made in the backyard. But Jill’s baked goods have at least one fan — her husband, Derick Dillard

“These brownies are one of my momma’s favorite desserts!” Jill wrote on her blog sharing the Mocha Heath Cloud Brownies recipe. “I hadn’t made them in forever, but had a good excuse to make them recently when I had my mom over for a birthday lunch! These aren’t from scratch, but if you’re a mocha lover, then they are sure to please!” 

Evidently, Derick is a mocha lover, because he took to Twitter to sing the brownie’s praises. “This stuff is legit!” he wrote. “Jill made it this week & I had like 7 pieces! #selfcontrol.”

While it’s hard to deny that Derick definitely is constantly battling his own #selfcontrol (his Twitter fingers are legendary, after all), fans didn’t necessarily agree that “this stuff” looked “legit.” Instead, they had some not so nice things to say about the brownies. “Looks like dirt from the backyard,” wrote one Twitter user. 

On Jill’s Twitter, there was more of the same, with fans taking particular note of the brownies’ ingredients. “Wow!  I didn’t know you could fit that many forms of processed sugar in one recipe. Boxed brownie mix. Two kinds of instant pudding. Cool Whip. Candy,” read one response, with another adding, “If anyone can do it, @jillmdillard can! The same way she can fit countless forms of salt and fat into savory dishes. You might say; She’s gifted in these areas!! LOL.”

She sure is. Jill’s recipes are regularly a cause for concern among fans. They seem to be made almost entirely from canned goods and processed foods, and whenever there’s actually a fresh vegetable involved, there’s legit celebration from some followers. Straight up, the whole Duggar family loves some pretty wonky recipes, and we’re speaking from experience. We’ve tried that tater tot casserole the family is always raving about, and, TBH, we didn’t love it! Sure, it probably wasn’t the worst thing we’ve ever had. But none of us are exactly in a rush to whip some up for family dinner either. And as for the rest of the fam’s recipes, including these brownies — well, we’ll probably just leave them to Jill. 

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