The downfall of Gypsy Rose Blanchard and estranged husband Ryan Anderson will play out in the later episodes of Gypsy Rose: Life After Lock Up and he is opening up about their split that left him “blindsided.”

“It was like, she was here one day and the next she was gone,” Ryan, 37, told TODAY in a story published on ​Monday, June 10. “She wanted to be married, and now she doesn’t. It’s just crazy how it all happened like that.”

Gypsy, 32, and Ryan tied the knot in July 2022 while she served her seven-year prison sentence for conspiring against her mother Clauddine “Dee Dee” Blanchard’s murder. However, their marriage was short-lived after they split three months after she gained her freedom in December 2023.

“I’m just experiencing things as they come. I’m still in reflection and processing mode,” the teacher continued to the network. “A lot has happened. It’s hard to wrap my head around a lot of things that have happened because I mean, when I say I’m blindsided, I really am blindsided about how fast things progressed.”

Less than one month after their separation, Gypsy rekindled her romance with ex-fiancé Ken Urker in April. The pair got engaged in 2018 while she was serving time and ended their relationship the following year. Her relationship raised eyebrows amongst fans, who speculated that she walked away from Ryan to give Ken, 31, a second chance at love.

“Ken has consistently been brought up in a way that I can never let go of my feelings, but I put them on the back burner to do what was best for my marriage,” Gypsy told Us Weekly on June 3. “And so, having that be a point of contention has been a thread throughout, but I didn’t leave Ryan for Ken.”

Gypsy Rose Blanchard Bought 'Outfit' for 'Future Baby' With Husband Ryan Scott Anderson
Courtesy of Gypsy Rose Blanchard/Instagram

That said, the Lifetime docuseries revealed that Ken was a problem in Gypsy and Ryan’s marriage. The trailer, which dropped in May, highlighted the love triangle after Gypsy started text messaging Ken.

“He’s trying to weasel his way back in because Gypsy is out of prison,” Ryan said of Ken in the trailer.

On June 5, Ryan reflected on Gypsy Rose: Life After Lock Up and admitted that reliving his separation from Gypsy on TV “really affected” him.

“The matching tattoos really, really got me, that was one that really hurt. It’s hard to process. It’s permanent,” Ryan told E! News at the time. “It’s one of those things that you always look down and see, one of those things that you just can’t erase.”

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