It didn’t take long for Gypsy Rose Blanchard to reunite with ex-fiancé Ken Urker after she split from husband Ryan Anderson. However, the Louisiana native set the record straight for those raising eyebrows about how fast she got back together with Ken.

“Ken has consistently been brought up in a way that I can never let go of my feelings, but I put them on the back burner to do what was best for my marriage,” Gypsy, 32, told Us Weekly in an article published on Monday, June 3. “And so, having that be a point of contention has been a thread throughout, but I didn’t leave Ryan for Ken.”

In the new Lifetime documentary Gypsy Rose: Life After Lockup, Gypsy gives viewers more insight into her relationship and subsequent marriage to Ryan, 37. While Gypsy’s life with Ryan seemed perfect from the outside, the documentary paints a far different picture.

The middle school teacher admitted that “marrying Gypsy wasn’t easy,” and he explained that he asked Gypsy’s dad, Rod Blanchard, for permission to marry her before he proposed. In December 2023, Rod told People that he only gave Gypsy and Ryan’s marriage “a 50/50 chance” it would work, but Ryan disagreed.

“Right now, I just want this to work. Everybody’s giving us a 50/50 shot but, you know, I feel it’s 100 percent,” Ryan said in the Monday, June 3, episode of Life After Lockup.

Gypsy also had high hopes for her relationship with Ryan before their split and said that her previous boyfriends “ran” from her due to her traumatic past.

Gypsy Rose Claims She Didn't Leave Ryan Anderson for Ken
Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images

“I think with my exes, they were in love with the idea of me rather than they were in love with me,” the former prison inmate explained in the episode.

Gypsy and Ryan also delved into the more intimate details surrounding their love life, and she confessed that they finally got to “consummate” their marriage.

“He always used to say, ‘I’m a dynamo,’ and I’m like, ‘Every guy says that,’” Gypsy explained. “Well, he’s a dynamo.”

This wasn’t the first time Gypsy bragged about Ryan’s sexual prowess, though. After her release from prison on December 28, 2023, Gypsy stepped in to defend her then-husband from online trolls who were bashing him on Instagram.

“Ryan, don’t listen to the haters,” Gypsy wrote in the comments section of a November 2023 post. “I love you, and you love me. We do not owe anyone anything. Our family is who matters. If you get likes and good comments great, if you get hate then whatever because THEY DON’T MATTER. I love you. Besides they jealous because you are rocking my world every night … yeah I said it, the D is fire. Happy wife happy life.”

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