Watch out, Kate Beckinsale! Pete Davidson recently admitted that he has a new girl in his life but … it’s most definitely not about who you think! The 25-year-old stopped by Jimmy Fallon on Thursday, April 18, where he spoke about his new roomie and his favorite new video game, Moral Kombat 11, which his new crush stars in! Don’t worry, Kate, it’s just fiction.

The comedian continued to gush about the video game admitting that “it’s really sick.” “There’s this guy who I really like to kill in it because he looks like a real douchebag. … Also, he has a hot daughter, which is, like, weird, because I’m lonely and she’s, like, not real. So, there’s that in the video game as well — sexual confusion.”

Despite Pete “being paid to talk about” that game, he really loves the gamer lifestyle! That includes building a full arcade in his house. “So, I live with my mom. Well, we bought a house together, but nobody believes that,” he confessed to the 44-year-old host. “So, I live with my mom kinda. I have, like, a basement that’s mine. It’s like an apartment, so I live underneath her. So, I’m getting a little arcade set up down there. Trying to make it a little mine,” he admitted.

At first, the Staton Island native was calling his basement “the man cave,” but … not anymore! John Mulaney and his family told Pete they “will no longer be his friend” if he uses that nickname. Well, we guess Pete doesn’t want to lose his costar as a BFF because the name has since been changed! “Now I call it The Basement, like the Ohio State University, Pete laughed. “I don’t like the college … it’s the ‘The’ that’s important,” the SNL star confessed.

As for Pete’s real-life “crush,” well, right now, it seems to be the 45-year-old actress. The duo first made headlines in January after they were spotted hitting it off at multiple Golden Globes after parties. Since then, the two have been captured in the midst of steamy make-out sessions on a few occaisions. On March 18, the flames were caught locking lips in the backseat of a car after attending a movie premiere.

Pete Davidson Is a 'Breath of Fresh Air' For Kate Beckinsale

Pete’s been an exciting breath of fresh air, and Kate’s falling for him, big time,” a source told In Touch. The two are pretty hot and heavy considering Pete has met the family. On March 19, the SNL character joined the Pearl Harbor actress and her family for dinner at Nobu. “Kate is very picky about who she introduced to her mom, so it’s a huge deal for Pete to meet her after just a couple months of dating,” a source exclusively told In Touch. Way to go, Pete!

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