Is it just us, or is Paola Mayfield pretty much perfect? The beautiful 90 Day Fiancé star is absolutely glowing during her pregnancy, and on Aug. 30, she proved that that baby is gonna have some damn good genes. Pao shared a throwback pic on Insta, and we can’t get over the fact that she has literally always been gorgeous. 

Pao posted the photo on Instagram Stories, and it shows her with her old pal Juan posing for a pic. Her fashion is super early-2k looking, and Juan has definitely put on some major muscle since it was taken! She captioned the pic “#TBT” along with “estabamos pollitos” which translates to “we were chicks,” like spring chickens, AKA babies. Check out the video above to see the photo.

While she definitely looks a lot different fashion-and-hair-wise, we’ve gotta say, Pao still looks stunning in the pic. She revealed exclusively to In Touch that she took the pic in 2007, so she was 20 in the pic. She’s 31 now, and she really hasn’t changed that much at all! We’re shook!

The pic just proves the point she made one day earlier that she really hasn’t had much cosmetic work done. “Some people have asked me if I have done something to my face since I look so different since I got to the USA and the answer is yes and no,” she wrote on Insta. 

“Lips? I fixed only one side of my upper lip that was uneven?. Botox? Nope. Boobs? I did my boobs way before I came to the USA, and I regret it as I have big boobs before and now that I’m pregnant my genetics are popping out more?.” She also said her butt is totally real and she never uses Facetune or Photoshop, “the magic of makeup and contouring” only. We totally believe her after seeing this pre-Facetune, pre-lipfiller pic! 

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