It looks like Sean Hiler has found love again after his dramatic split from 90 Day Fiancé girlfriend Abby St. Germain. He took to Instagram Stories on Aug. 30 to reveal his new relationship status, though he’s still playing it coy about who the lucky lady is!

“I am no longer single,” he wrote on his private account from which a reddit user grabbed a screenshot. “I met a wonderful woman. Met her on here [Instagram], so it seems that good comes out of all the bad that I’ve endured on social media since the first show aired.”

But if you’re desperate to know who the new girl is, sorry but he’s not sharing any more info. “Not going to give out any details about her,” he continued, “because I don’t want the internet trolls dragging her through the mud.”


(Credit: Instagram)

Sean and his fiancée called it quits back in March, and things got pretty messy fast. Less than a month later, Abby had already found a new man. Sean said he was “glad she was somebody else’s problem,” but went on to hurl accusations.

“Maybe this new guy that she’s with is rich or something like that,” he said. “She said he’s a business man and that’s fine, maybe he can support her. We’ll see what happens when she tries to get a Visa to come to the United States.”

Abby was 21 years old while Sean was engaged to her at 48, so fans hope that he doesn’t have a 27-year age gap with this new girl, too. He seemed frustrated that Abby didn’t have a career and wasn’t good at planning, so for his sake hopefully he found someone more age-appropriate. We’ll just have to wait and see!

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