OutDaughtered star Danielle Busby brought up a touchy subject with husband Adam Busby and tried to convince him that it was time to hire someone to help with their busy lives as they take care of their six children.

“At some point, Adam, with your schedule getting busier, I’m in and out always, around, everywhere — I feel like we just … We need it,” Danielle, 40, said in a clip shared by People in an article published on Friday, May 10. “I need some help. We need some help.”

Adam, 41, replied, “I was excited for the challenge.”

“We can’t beat that challenge because we don’t have enough hands,” Danielle said in response. “We don’t have enough drivers.”

When Adam asked if Danielle was saying the family needed a person to drive the kids from place to place or if they needed a “full-time person” to help with a variety of things, Danielle said she didn’t know the answer to that just yet.

“I just know that we’re getting busier with home life and kid life and also, work life,” Danielle explained. “We need an extra hand. I don’t know what that looks like at this point, but I feel like we’re just getting to that point.”

Adam wasn’t thrilled with the idea of hiring someone, but Danielle reiterated that there was no way they could continue their current way of life unless either he or she quit their jobs. That wasn’t an option Danielle was willing to take.

Danielle later revealed to producers that hiring a person to help around the house was “something [they had] talked about in the past.”

OutDaughtered’s Danielle Busby Wants Outside Help With Kids
Adam Busby/Instagram

“Though we’ve had help from time to time when the girls were little, things have just gotten way more difficult,” the reality TV star continued. “We’re pulled in multiple different directions, multiple different times and we just can’t keep up with it.

When the OutDaughtered stars sat down in a confessional together, Danielle went into detail about why outside help was necessary.

“We need help with the kids,” Danielle said to Adam, who looked nonplussed to be discussing the topic. “There are things that a person needs to help out with but there’s also a list of, like, laundry, and keeping up with their school schedules and things that you don’t ever touch. I could hire someone full time and I would still be busy full time.”

Adam seemed to try and relieve some tension as he rolled his shoulders and Danielle continued, “It’s literally just like running a house.”

When Adam still didn’t answer, Danielle said, “If you don’t want me to hire someone, then you better step up your game.”

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