It’s no easy feat to hit the grocery story when you’ve got one little kid in tow, forget having to deal with five. So when the OutDaughtered family hits the market, well, you can just imagine how out of hands things get. Do they even make a cart that can squeeze that many kids in? Do you have to have all your kids ride in the basket of one cart and get a second cart for your actual groceries? Adam and Danielle Busby gave us a little insight into their process when they shared their trip to the store on their Instagram stories. Watch the video above and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

Yeah, it’s just about as chaotic as we could have expected. Honestly, though, the quints are behaving pretty well! At least, other than when they repeat something rude or sort of inappropriate that their dad tells them to say. “Danielle’s getting mad because I’m teaching them bad habits,” he admits to the camera. “But it’s funny.”

It is funny, but mainly just because the youngest Busby girls are too cute, and they only get cuter every day. One of our favorite things is when the girls all get dressed up to go to gymnastics, wearing matching outfits. Or when they play dress up? It’s precious AF — and Riley looks amazing in those glasses

Though the quints are only three and a half, they’ve been mastering some major milestones lately. Last year, they tackled potty training like pros, and in August, they started school for the first time. Can you believe that they’re already in Pre-K? It’s legit blowing our minds. Big sister Blayke is making strides, too. She event went roller skating for the first time a few months back, and she was a total natural at the sport. We suspect it won’t be long before she’s teaching all of her little sisters to follow in her footsteps. After all, they’ve got more than enough family members to form their own roller derby team — and how cute would that be?

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