Nadya Suleman, better known as Octomom, proudly showcased her toned figure while opening up about her passion for fitness.

The media personality, 45, shared a new slideshow of photos captured during a workout with her daughter Calyssa on Sunday, April 18. In her caption, Nadya said she wants to lead by example when it comes to staying healthy. 

Octomom Gym Photo
Courtesy Nadya Suleman/Instagram

“Never underestimate the power of parental influence,” she wrote via Instagram. “We parents couldn’t possibly conceptualize how impactful our choices and actions are on our children. If we choose to lead an unhealthy lifestyle, our children will, more often than not, adopt the same lifestyle. If, however, we choose to lead a lifestyle prioritizing health and fitness, can you guess what our children will value?”

Although she has a lot of responsibilities as a mother of 14, Nadya said she always makes time to focus on her well-being and to instill “positive change” for her children.

“My eldest son, Elijah, about to turn 20, was once a meat-eating, sugar loving omnivore,” the California native continued, revealing he has since made a turnaround in his life. “Elijah is now one of the healthiest people I know. He is a strict vegan, will not touch refined sugar, and works out 7 days a week.”

Octomom Gym Photo
Courtesy Nadya Suleman/Instagram

“Our children look to us for inspiration, encouragement, and direction,” Nadya concluded. “When we lead by example, we create a picture of what is possible.”

These days, Nadya is not only a workout enthusiast, but also a proud “ethical vegan.” She’s already started teaching her children the ropes when it comes to cooking nutritious meals. “Becoming raw has only enhanced my health, clarified and strengthened my mind,” the star previously shared.

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When they’re not outside playing soccer or working up a sweat, the Solomon family often spends time together in the kitchen making tasty dishes and treats. Nadya even described her daughter Nariyah as “the main chef” in her brood. 

Nadya first gained international attention when she welcomed her octuplets in 2009. Prior to their arrival, she had already conceived six other children through IVF. Now, she is enjoying life outside of the spotlight and getting fit in the process!

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