Nadya Suleman, better known as “Octomom,” gushed over the “special” bond shared between her sons Makai and Aidan along with a throwback photo of them playing together during their childhood. Fans reminisced about how much both of the boys have grown up since she first made headlines in 2009. 

“Makai has always been Aidan’s guardian angel, looking out for him from day one,” the mom of 14 captioned her post on Instagram on Friday, August 28. Aidan is one of her six older kids, and he clearly became quite close with his sibling Makai, who is one of the octuplets.  

While sharing a video in 2019, Nadya, 45, spoke out about Aidan’s special needs and revealed he requires “total care” because he is “severely autistic.”

“This is my adolescent infant Aidan,” she wrote in the caption. “He is 14 years old, going on one in his head. He requires complete assistance in meeting all needs in activities of daily living,” the media personality continued. “Aidan is non-verbal, requires feeding, changing (he is not potty-trained), bathing, and one-to-one supervision, as he has no safety awareness and would walk aimlessly into traffic. I, his mother, am, and always have been, his ONLY care provider.”

Nadya, who also goes by Natalie Solomon on social media, said that responsibility “is [her] life, (other than caring for 13 other children single-handedly).” 

Octomom Kids
Courtesy of Nadya Suleman/Instagram

At the time, the star posted a photo of her other children preparing for school, and explained she wanted to share the message about Aidan for a few reasons. 

“First, to describe the details of my REAL life, not a ‘perfect’ depiction of what I want people to perceive my life to be. Second, to provide a contextualization for both my supportive followers, and the condemnatory critics, as to what truly matters in my life: my family,” she added, sweetly calling Aidan an “angel.” 

Nadya has been more forthcoming about her private life on social media, and she said back in March that she was ready to show people a new side of her. The fitness fanatic wrote, “In recent years, as I take back my narrative that was stolen from me, I have chosen to share the TRUTH about the real me, a MOM.”

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