Welcome to Plathville star Moriah Plath revealed that her family’s drama took a heavy toll on her and put her in a “dark” place.

“A few months ago, I hit rock bottom,” Moriah, 21, told her father, Barry Plath, during the Tuesday, September 12 episode. “I got used to just being miserable and I forgot what it felt like to be happy. And I was just yucky on the inside. I was very dark, very depressed. I just didn’t want to live anymore.”

The Plath family has faced many hardships in recent years. Barry, 55, and Kim Plath announced their divorce in June 2022, while her brother Ethan Plath’s marital problems with his wife, Olivia Plath, caused even more problems. Moriah and Olivia, 25, used to be best friends, though faced several ups and downs before Moriah ultimately ended their friendship.

While talking to her dad, Moriah claimed that Olivia stole her music that they recorded together. The drama even led her to block Ethan, 25.

“I started to feel like this is not how I want to live my life,” she explained in a confessional interview. “Like, God, if this is how it’s going to be, I just, I would rather just die. Like, I would never kill myself. But like, can you take me now?”

The TLC personality said that she reached a “huge pivot” moment and realized she needed to make a change. Moriah then revealed that she wanted to get baptized again, explaining that it wasn’t her “choice” the first time she was baptized because she was a child.

“I’ve tried to do this alone for years, and there’s no way I’m going to be able to get through this without Jesus,” she said. “God never felt real in my life until I hit rock bottom, until I realized I can’t do it alone.”

Barry was supportive and said he was “so happy” with his daughter’s decision. “Early on, you know, we just raised our children, you know, to love God and be his,” he explained in a confessional. “But, you know, they chose their own path. And for a short time, they did their own thing. But not with Moriah. She’s back. She’s back with God. So it’s awesome to see.”

Welcome to Plathville's Moriah Plath Says She ‘Didn't Want to Live Anymore' Amid Family Drama

After sharing the emotional decision with her family, Moriah noted that they had become closer recently and she knows Barry is there for her “no matter what.”

“I’ve really leaned on my dad a lot this past few months because I was really struggling with the situation with Ethan and Olivia,” Moriah said. “I realized he was one of the few people that was there for me no matter what and didn’t judge me.”

Fans watched more drama play out during the September 5 episode when Moriah secretly moved out of the home she shared with Olivia and Ethan.

“I don’t know how this is gonna play out,” the musician explained about the decision. “But I do know when it comes to Olivia, I don’t feel even guilty at all for just saying, ‘Hey look. You were my best friend for a while, I love you, I wish you the best, but I don’t wanna be a part of it anymore.’ It’s sad, it’s really really sad, especially because I know that by me ending my relationship with Olivia, I probably won’t have a relationship with Ethan for a while. But this is what I needed.”

Their friendship seemingly hit its breaking point when Olivia accused Kim, 51, of using Ethan’s credit card during season 4. Moriah and her siblings Micah, Lydia and Isaac issued a statement on social media after the episode aired in August 2022 to defend their mother and claimed Olivia wasn’t telling the “the full story.”

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