Is more drama afoot? Meri Brown is separating herself from her Sister Wives family as she focuses on pursuing her own career, a former close friend of Robyn Brown tells In Touch exclusively. The TLC star supposedly only reconnects with Kody Brown’s other women to film for the show.

“Meri does live separately from everyone. She’s never with them,” Kendra Pollard-Parra, Robyn’s former pal, tells In Touch about how Meri is isolated from the rest. “She’s only with them to film. Her whole focus is on her career with LuLa Roe which she’s very successful at, and her daughter.”

Meri Is Isolated From Her Sister Wives Family: 'She's Only With Them to Film'
Courtesy of Meri Brown/Instagram

“As far as the family goes, they’ve never tried to reconnect with her,” Kendra added. “They’ve never done anything to benefit her — that’s why she’s made her choice to make her business be completely independent from them. Their pact before all of this everything for the family, but ever since Meri’s betrayal, that’s all changed. She’s literally all on her own. So what you see, is her being part of the family because she has to for the show.”

Fans have been speculating there’s been turmoil at home, especially after Meri’s catfish ordeal. While chatting about the family, Kendra said that Kody’s first wife has been cut off by other members of the brood and she said Christine Brown may be the most upset by Meri’s actions.

“Meri’s betrayal still has run pretty deep in the family and it’s not going away,” Kendra told In Touch. “[It] was a lot more intense than they tried to make out in the beginning. Christine has cut Meri off emotionally. She doesn’t want to deal with the emotional side effects of Meri’s bad choices.”

Interestingly, Christine and Meri are both on the same cruise right now for a vacation, but fans quickly took notice when they didn’t appear in any photos together. It didn’t take long for rumors to start swirling that they were avoiding each other. We’ll have to wait and see if they make amends.

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