Are they one big happy family or not? Christine Brown and Meri Brown from Sister Wives may be married to the same man, but we’re not so sure they’re all that friendly with one another. Let’s break down the evidence to see if these two TLC stars can even stand to be in the same room if the reality TV cameras aren’t rolling.

They Were Both On the Same Cruise … But Not Together

Meri, 48, and Christine, 46, appear to have gone on the same LuLaRoe cruise in late March 2019. But they didn’t seem to spend any time with one another on the boat or at the destinations they visited during the trip.

On March 22, Meri, 48, posted an update to her Instagram and said, “Puerto Rico here we come! Looking forward to the next week of cruising with friends! Good times are comin’! 🙂 🎉🎉🎉” and included hashtags like “#LuLaRoeRetailer” and “#LuLaRoeForLife” on the post. Meanwhile, on March 23, Christine, 46, shared an update to her page as well and said, “Getting dropped off by my girls because I’m going on a cruise!!!’ Woop woop #llrcruise #mybabies #ipushedthemoutifmywomb.”

Meri kept posting pics from the trip to her Instagram, and she definitely hung out with friends, but apparently wasn’t interested in seeing her fellow sister wife. On March 26, she did share a photo of herself with Madison Brown — her sister wife Janelle Brown’s daughter — and Audrey Kriss, her daughter Mariah Brown’s fiancée. But still no sign of Christine.

No Photos Together

christine and meri brown

While researching Christine and Meri seemingly avoiding each other on the LuLaRoe cruise, we discovered that there are virtually no photos of the wives together on their Instagram accounts as of late March 2019. At least, not when other family members aren’t present.

Christine shares official promo shots of Kody, 50, and all his wives fairly often. She’s also shared photos where she’s hanging with Janelle or Robyn Brown. Meri has several photos she’s taken with Robyn posted to her account. But neither Christine nor Meri seems to have personal shots of just the two of them.

They “Don’t Talk”

Christine openly admitted in a recent episode of Sister Wives that they “don’t talk” to each other. “We don’t have any sort of conversations. Nothing real,” Christine said. See for yourself in the video below.

“We used to hang out and have fun and laugh and be crazy,” Meri replied to her fellow wife. She explained that she knows how to do all that with her friends, and Christine responded, “Yea, you’re comfortable with your friends. You’re not comfortable with me.” Doesn’t sound like a very close relationship at all.

So, are Christine and Meri not even close to being friends? Do they just sort of exist in each other’s space as fellow spouses of the same husband? It certainly doesn’t seem like they choose to be in each other’s company, either at home or on vacation. Seems like kind of a sad way to live when it comes to your “family,” tbh.

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