Actor Matthew Perry is best known for his role in the hit ’90s sitcom Friends, but he’s also been very candid about his drug addiction. The 49-year-old went to rehab twice, and while he’s seemingly stayed sober since his last rehab stint in 2001, no one has known the extent of Matthew’s drug abuse — until now. Matthew’s longtime friend Kayti Edwards opened up in an exclusive interview with In Touch Weekly about what the actor was like when he was in the height of his addiction.

“It got to the point where Matthew was using drugs every day,” Kayti told In Touch. “It was about three months of heavy partying. He was definitely on a roll for about three months.”

Kayti said she realized that Matthew was in the throes of his addiction when she drove over to his house and found Matthew in a very distressed state. Watch the video above to see In Touch‘s full tell-all interview with Kayti.

“So his assistant is on the phone and I’m thinking that she’s calling rehab because he’s been on a roll for the last three months and I’m pretty sure that this was towards the end of his debauchery,” Kayti explained. “So he’s screaming my name, and I go back into the living room and his hands… he was sitting on the couch with his hands on his legs, and he kept saying ‘You need to unstick me, you need to unstick me.’ And I said, ‘What do you mean unstick you?’ And I’m looking at him and he’s high out of his mind, and he hadn’t showered in like [nine] days or something and the guy has just superglued his hands to his legs, and he wants me to unstick him, and I have no idea, because I’ve never dealt with somebody whose superglued their hands to their legs.”


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Kayti explained she had to search how to dissolve super glue to help free Matthew’s hands — but he lost several layers of skin in the process. Though it was unclear what drugs he had used at that specific time, Kayti said Matthew had already moved on from pills and had been using heavier drugs like crack and cocaine.

“During the time that he was using crack and cocaine, he had locked himself in his house for three months,” Kayti said. “And as his friend, it was very hard to see him spiral down like that.”

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