Friends ‘till the end! Maitland Ward revealed her former Boy Meets World costars are super supportive of her new journey into adult films. “I will get phone calls and stuff,” the 42-year-old dished while chatting with In Touch exclusively. “It’s been positive, and they want to know. Everybody is like, ‘What’s it like? What do you do?’ That is the main thing I have noticed, too. People are curious what it’s like on the inside.”

The Drive starlet recently ran into Will Friedle — who played Eric Matthews opposite of Maitland’s character Rachel McGuire on the show — at Comic-Con in October, and she couldn’t help but gush over their close bond. “That was so funny. We were crossing paths. A fan came up to me and said, ‘Will wants to see you. He was signing, and I was out in my costume walking around. Then, I walked up to Will, and he is like, ‘Ah!’” she shared. “It was a really sweet moment. He was like, ‘Are you happy?’ And I said, ‘Yes.’ He said, ‘That is all that matters.’ That was the sweetest moment. It was like no time had passed except a million years — no, we had seen each other in the past few years, but it was really funny.”

Obviously, Will, 43, knew Maitland had transitioned into other types of acting roles in the past year. “He was like, ‘I have heard you have been busy these days!’” she recalled. However, there is one person she won’t discuss anything with — Willam Daniels. “Now, see, I won’t talk to Mr. Feeny about it.” LOL, that could get awkward.

Maitland Ward Wearing a Race Car Outfit With Will Freidle
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When talking about the hit series, Maitland couldn’t help but crack up about her time on set. So, what favorite memory does she look back fondly on? “When I first joined the cast, they told me I was going to have to sing a song in front of the audience for introductions because every week they had introductions,” she explained. “It’s like an initiation thing, and I was like, ‘Oh my God. I have to get to know this song when they introduce the cast before the show.’ Then, we taped the show. So, right up until before, Ben [Savage] was like, ‘Yeah, it’s going to be bad.’ And then they finally told me right before I went out that you don’t have to do that.”

Of course, there were some crazy moments like when an actual bear was used in one episode called “The War,” where the group of six friends pulled pranks on one another. “That was kind of a major thing that happened,” she said. “That was scary, but it was a great memory. That was one of my most fun episodes because everyone was together, and it talked a lot about uniting and friendship.”

Maitland also loves that she was a bridesmaid in Corey and Topanga’s wedding. “That was really cool,” she admitted. “There are so many good memories, and it really feels like, looking back at school, ‘Remember when we did this?’”

Ultimately, the redheaded beauty is hoping they can make some kind of reunion work down the line where the show would “focus on the older people storylines,” and they could travel to Paris or Italy. “It definitely was a really tight-knit family set,” she added. “The Boy Meets World cast will always be super united. You’re always connected, and you keep in touch.”

Maitland Ward With the Cast of Boy Meets World
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Do you hear that Disney? Let’s make this happen, already!

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