Maitland Ward is surprising fans with something special for the holidays, she tells In Touch exclusively, revealing her plans to create a video of herself “making Thanksgiving dinner with my feet.”

Boy Meets World fans might like, because I did things with my feet and it’s marinara sauce,” the actress-turned-adult film star, 44, who used to portray Rachel McGuire on the sitcom from 1998 until the series ended in 2000, adds. 

Maitland Ward Wearing Leopard
Courtesy of Maitland Ward/Instagram

“So, the whole circle I was, yeah. When I was thinking, when I was writing something in my book, I thought about, jeez, that was so sexual. That was so foot fetish Rachel,” Maitland continues. 

The Long Beach, California, native made the transition from mainstream acting to adult films back in 2019, having secured a part in the feature-length film, Drive, amid her career change. At the start of her new venture, Maitland already had a big social media following of 500,000, but she now has an impressive 1.7 million and counting on Instagram.

Since venturing into the adult entertainment industry, Maitland has made history by being featured on Vixen’s first-ever billboard in Hollywood, which promotes her latest film titled Muse 2. 

The former White Chicks star’s mission has been to empower women and normalize the adult film industry. However, she does often face backlash online over her lifestyle, something she has learned over time not to take to heart. 

Maitland Ward Creating Video Of Her Making Thanksgiving With My Feet For Fans
Courtesy of Maitland Ward/Instagram

Maitland Ward.

“There’s always going to be people that are going to be trolls and to hate you. Like, I have people who are haters of me who will literally buy all my stuff and follow me everywhere, but they just want to troll, they have those certain types,” Maitland explains. “That’s part of their thing … So, I definitely have that. I have trolls. I am lucky though my good fans really beat them away. They will really report and go after them. I do have a great army there.”

Maitland will soon be releasing a new book, My Escape From Hollywood: Why I Left to Become a Porn Star, which is set to hit shelves in 2022, and in the meantime, she’ll be sharing some festive and flirty new content. 

“I think the most successful content is my custom videos. Because I will do a custom for you, and it can include a multitude, a variety of content,” she exclusively tells In Touch. “And then, also a lot of things like just nude and photo shoots and stuff are really popular. The holiday theme stuff.”

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