Celebrations galore! Maitland Ward has big plans in honor of her 43rd trip around the sun on Monday, February 3. “I think I’m going to go to Disneyland on my birthday,” the Drive actress tells In Touch exclusively. “I love Disney. It’s really great to go to Disneyland on my birthday, specifically because it’s, like, dead time. It’s on a Monday, and the holiday rush is over. It’s like being like a kid, and I just get to relax and just enjoy that.”

However, before the Boy Meets World alum heads out with her husband, John Baxter, she is going to indulge in a sweet treat. “First of all, I will probably have a really good breakfast — pancakes are my favorite,” she shares. “My absolute favorite. So, I will have some chocolate chip pancakes or something like that.”

Maitland Ward Wearing a Blue Dress at Disney
Courtesy of Maitland Ward/Instagram

So, what attractions can you catch the redheaded beauty on? “Little Mermaid, but that’s California adventure. No, I like all the rides, but I am really looking forward to the Star Wars land and all of that stuff. I like all the kiddie rides, like the teacups. I really love all that stuff — just feel the nostalgia and the fun,” she explains.

Afterward, Maitland and her man will most likely enjoy a romantic evening out on the town. “I love really good Mexican food. That might be an option,” she says. “There is actually a really kind of upscale Latin place that is not too far that I am really wanting to try. I think we might do that. It has Mexican in it, but it has sorts of South American and Cuban, and it’s Latin. It looks like a really good menu.”

Of course, John goes out of his way to get his lady something special for her big day every year. “I don’t know what he will get me at all, but it’s usually something sweet,” she gushes. “He always does something really sweet or flowers. It’s not the same stuff all of the time. Sometimes, it’s just a spa day, too. I love that.”

In general, Maitland describes herself as a “celebratory” person and thinks “it’s fun” to go all out for the good times. “Be who you are, enjoy your age. Screw the shame and what people think about everything,” she exclaims about getting older.

Not only has the California native had a fantastic year — she debuted her first adult film, got three AVN awards in addition to three XBIZ awards and is the face of Deeper.com — but she is looking forward to the future. “I have done so much stuff that I never expected five, 10 years ago, that I would never be a part of, that I love doing and that I discovered about myself,” she divulges. “This has been a year of reflection and spontaneity and also putting my art out there and being vulnerable. I never would have expected it. If you told me on my birthday last year that this would happen, I would have told you, ‘No, you’re crazy.’”

Maitland Ward Wearing a Red Dress

You deserve only the best, girl. Happy birthday!

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