He really can’t get a discount? Jeremy Roloff revealed on Instagram that he would like to buy a farm, but apparently, taking over his family land is not in the cards unless he coughs up the dough. The former Little People, Big World star wrote in an Instagram post on July 23 that he was “totally re-inspired to eat healthier, consistently exercise and to buy a farm. 💪🏼.” But when a fan asked him, “Why not your family’s farm?” he responded very simply with, “Very expensive.”

Jeremy, 29, wrote more in-depth about his dream in the caption of the original post, which was about a farm they visited during a trip his wife, Audrey Roloff, took for work. “Highlight for me was visiting the YL Mona farm,” he wrote. “It was an absolutely beautiful property and got my brain firing on all cylinders with ideas and dreams for (hopefully) Roloff farms. Growing up on a farm the passion for land has never left me. Auj and I have been working very hard to be able to acquire one someday and visiting the Mona farm was a big encouragement in our efforts.”

Jeremy Roloff

Oddly enough, on the season finale of Little People, Big World, Jeremy’s father, Matt Roloff, said that his kids weren’t interested in taking over Roloff farms. During a heart-to-heart with his girlfriend, Caryn Chandler, as well as his ex-wife, Amy Roloff, and her boyfriend, Chris Marek, Chris asked if there was any talk about Jeremy purchasing the farm. Matt, 57, replied, “None of the kids have expressed any real … I mean they love, taking advantage of the place like a park. But none of them are concerned about the leaks in the wedding barn that are rotting the floor out …”

Before Matt could continue, Amy, 54, interrupted, “Because they’re not aware of it.” Matt claimed that they are, and the conversation ended not long after Matt explained some of the work involved in caring for the land during a confessional. “Would I have loved it if one of them would’ve taken a bigger role in that?” he asked the camera. “Yeah, I would’ve loved it.” Amy then said that she thought Jeremy would be the best one to take it over.

So what’s the issue, here? Is it about money, like Jeremy claimed, or is he not as interested as he appears, as Matt seems to think? Only time will tell.

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