This is definitely illuminating. It seems like little by little, we’re learning more about why Jeremy Roloff decided to leave Little People, Big World, and he revealed more reasoning on a recent episode of his podcast — Behind the Scenes —with his wife, Audrey Roloff. According to Jeremy, “it got kind of difficult navigating all the relationships” involved in his family with the changing nature of both the family and the show, but he’s not trying to be shady — he actually has a really good point.

On the podcast episode, titled, “Why We Left The Show,” Jeremy explained that he and Audrey “decided to not film anymore, but the family’s still filming, we’re still supporting them,” and quipped, “the show must go on.” Indeed, on July 10, Jeremy announced that “after 14 years, over 300 episodes, and 17 seasons,” he and Audrey, along with their daughter, Ember, were leaving the TLC reality TV series. In the podcast episode, the couple talked a little more about why they ultimately made that decision.


“It started out a story about our family, really, and I think one thing in recent years that’s kind of been difficult for a lot of us in the family is we’re no longer one…we’re one family, as far as like, a name goes, but we’re five families now,” Jeremy explained. He continued, “Essentially it’s a family business right? I don’t know, it got kind of difficult navigating all the relationships and stuff.”

Audrey also added her two cents, and noted that the “nature of reality tv” has evolved, and now reality shows are everywhere on TV. Jeremy added that it’s more about competing, so “the dynamic of the show changed,” Audrey said.

But fans who may have been disappointed by the news that Jeremy, Audrey, and Ember were no longer going to be on Little People, Big World don’t have to worry about them totally disappearing. They have the podcast, for starters, and the parents are pretty good about sharing pieces of their lives with Ember on social media with fans.

Maybe not being tied to filming will actually be a good thing for the relationships in their family, and for the couple to connect with both family and fans however they choose to.


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