Love on the Spectrum fans watched Dani Bowman and boyfriend Adan Correa progress in their relationship during season 2 and Dani gives In Touch an exclusive update on her “great” romance with the Cal State Fullerton college student despite their “busy” schedules.

“We are doing our best to connect as often as we can. He recently joined me at the Annie Awards, which is an award ceremony similar to the Oscars, but all about animation. We both had a great time,” Dani, 29, who recently celebrated the 15th anniversary of her animation company, Danimation, explains to In Touch. “I am so happy that we are seeing each other more and communicating as much as possible via live feeds, FaceTime and texting. We are basically getting to know each other better.”

The Netflix couple is in a long-distance relationship as Dani lives in Los Angeles and Adan lives in San Diego, so they squeeze in as much quality time as they can together. Dani tells In Touch that her “ideal date” with her man is if they can spend time together for a “longer” period of time.

“Maybe like going on trips, we could go on trips or getting to know each other, end up expressing and talking about what our interests even more and doing things together more,” the content creator admits.

Dani and Adan met at a speed dating event during season 1 of the American adaptation of Love on the Spectrum, a show that follows people on the autism spectrum as they navigate the dating world. Although the pair had an instant attraction, they didn’t embark on a romantic relationship because Dani was interested in a man named Solomon. The entrepreneur’s relationship status was single by the end of the season, but she revisited her liking toward Adan during season 2. However, Dani first had a thing for her collaborator and friend Jake Woodruff. When her feelings weren’t reciprocated, she found her way back to Adan.

While discussing Dani’s journey on the show, Autism Speaks’ director of social media Eileen Lamb exclusively notes to In Touch that “it’s important to realize that everyone on the spectrum is different.”

“So my experience with dating is different than Dani’s and Dani’s experience with dating is different from other autistic people. And I thought it was great though, to show dating on TV because the nature of autism is a struggle with social communication,” Eileen, who has three kids, two with Autism, tells In Touch. “I thought it was really amazing to see all the ways in which people put themself out there. I really enjoyed watching Dani in season 1 and 2 and how [she] kept putting yourself out there even though her season wasn’t successful. But it’s always possible. I mean, there are things that are going to work for one autistic person that won’t work for the next, but that’s the beauty of autism.”

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