Sometimes love is worth a second shot! Dani Bowman and Adan Correa gave their relationship another chance during season 2 of Love on the Spectrum. Are they still together?

Dani and Adan Rekindled Their Romance on Season 2 of ‘Love on the Spectrum’

Dani and Adan first met during season 1 of Love on the Spectrum when they both attended a speed dating event. Their mutual love for animation made them seem like the perfect match when they went out on a date together.

Despite hitting it off, Dani ultimately decided to cut things off with Adan and pursued a man named Solomon for the rest of season 1. But in season 2, Dani found herself single again and looking for love. Initially, she was interested in taking things to the next level with her friend Jake, but he was not ready to pursue things romantically.

The entrepreneur gave Adan a call to see if he was willing to give their connection another try. They met up at Pasadena Comic Con in costume and later went out for drinks that night. The date went off without a hitch, and they decided to go out for drinks once more, where Dani brought up topics of intimacy and premarital sex.

Dani and Adan shared a kiss on the date. “You’re the first girl I ever kissed, and I consider that a blessing,” he told her.

On their next date at a park, the animation maven brought along a box of cupcakes so she and Adan could practice their kissing skills. During the season 2 finale, it was revealed that Dani and Adan were still together. Since the show was filmed many months ago, fans are wondering if their relationship is still going strong.

Are Love on the Spectrum’s Dani and Adan Still Together? Where Their Relationship Stands Now
Courtesy of Dani Bowman/Instagram

Are Dani and Adan Still Together?

Dani and Adan are still together, though she revealed that their relationship was met with a few hurdles.

“Adan and I are currently staying connected through text messages,” she said in an interview with Netflix. “Our last date was in July, and I recognize that he’s juggling a busy schedule with college and a part-time job. I genuinely wish we could find more time to spend together. On a positive note, my best friend Devin has suggested the idea of meeting somewhere in the middle for our next date. It sounds like a great plan to bridge the distance and make our time together more manageable.”

Since the interview, Dani and Adan have been pictured together on her Instagram page several times. In one photo, they spent time with their fellow Love on the Spectrum castmates at the Aquarium of the Pacific.

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