On the July 16 episode of Love After Lockup, Daonte has more competition than he is aware of when it comes to securing the heart of his newly released prison girlfriend, Nicolle. She’s already been texting her ex-boyfriend behind Daonte’s back, and now it turns out she has an ex-girlfriend she’s longing for as well!

In an In Touch exclusive sneak peek, Nicolle is at a salon with a pal, planning a girl’s night out. “Who are we going to invite? We only know prison people,” she points out. That’s when the pretty blonde reveals that she had a girlfriend behind bars.

“In prison, I started dating this girl, Tia. She got out about 4 months before me, and she was very special to me,” Nicolle reveals in a confessional.

“I was with Tia for a year or two. I feel like she cheated on me. She says she didn’t, but my gut says she did. So, I broke up with her … but I have a soft spot for her,” she continues.

“Daonte has no idea I was in love with Tia, and I plan on keeping it that way,” she explains. He’s then seen entering the salon as Nicolle appears to reconnect with Tia, asking over the phone, “Hey baby, what’s up with you?”

Nicolle Still Has 'Soft Spot' for Ex-Girlfriend Tia
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Nicolle already revealed that she’s been in contact with an ex-boyfriend from before she went to prison, which Daonte doesn’t know about either. His friends have called him “naive” when it comes to his girlfriend, who he admitted to spending “$20,000 to $30,000” on while she was behind bars. Now that she’s out, she seemingly wants nothing to do with him.

After picking her up when she was released from prison, Daonte was sure they were going back to his place and would finally be intimate. Instead, she had him drop her off at her mom’s house, along with nearly $3,000 in goodies that lovestruck Daonte bought for her, including several Michael Kors watches, a brand-new phone and $1,000 in cash. He also purchased racy lingerie for Nicolle, which she seemed offended by.

Nicolle told him she wasn’t ready to be touched by another person after spending four years behind bars. Daonte has since been left out in the cold, as Nicolle has spent her time bonding with her mom and contacting her ex. When he did show up unannounced at Nicolle’s mom’s home in the show’s July 9 episode, he told her mother that he and Nicolle were engaged. That enraged Nicole, who said she never agreed to marry him and that they were NOT betrothed.

Viewers can tune in to see more about Nicolle’s relationship with Tia and if she’s able to hide it from Daonte when Love After Lockup airs on Friday, July 16 at 9pm ET/PT on WE tv.

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